Friday, December 4, 2009

Travel Log 12-4: I'm BAAAAACK!

I have been neglectful I know. I have been lazy and not updated or checked other blogs on here at all in the past few weeks. This shall change!
     I have finally gotten used to the routine at work I believe. They added another team of sales persons so the schedule has lightened up a little. I am also doing pretty good if I do say so myself! So any of you readers out there in blog land who live in southern California or have relatives who do and need a car, come on down to Claremont Toyota!
    Anyway, I digress, lol.  Not much other than work has been happening here. And since it's been a while since I was in the labor force I find the people there pretty funny. It is pretty much exactly as you would picture it, lol.
     I have been accepted into the boys club and shall soon have all of their secrets written down and transferred to female headquarters to be gone through and distributed for mass use. We shall rule all! Ahem, Sorry, I got out of hand there for a sec.
     On the down side though, since I got a nifty sewing machine for my birthday I haven't had the time to use it. I plan on making a few of the presents for the kids this season and I have to get cracking! And I haven't even gotten any of my shopping done. Absolutely none. I am officially insane and shall be subjected to a round of near chirstmas shopping that shall hopefully cure me of the urge to ever do this again.
     Since it's the holidays and they tend to get frantic here is a happy home spell that is pretty nifty that I found at White :

If moon is travelling from new to full, you want to bring love into the home.

If the moon is travelling from full to new, you want to push negativity out from the home.

Take half an onion, close your eyes, saying:

"I empower you to collect all negativity In this house."

Imagine the onion turning into a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking up all the negative

energy in your house. Place the onion on the window ledge of the room where most

of the family usually gathers. Hold a clove of crushed garlic in your hand, close your

eyes and say the above chant. Do the same visualization.

If a particular person is causing trouble, take a clove and place it under the rug, under

that person's bed or in a place where they often sit. If there is no one causing the problem,

place cloves of crushed garlic all around the outside doorstep of your home.

Take some carpet deodorizer (granules or spray) and sprinkle around the house

(after first consecrating them!) say: "I empower you to collect all negativity In this house."

Vacuum up the deodorizer. Write every loved one's name with a red marker on a heart

cut out of white paper. Circle all the names with one big circle say:

"I encircle all I love with positive energy, Healing and peace.

Let no evil enter our home."

Hold the paper in your hands, close your eyes and visualize your family sitting together

and very happy. Say:

"With harm to none

May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working,

And may this spell not reverse

Or place upon me any curse.

So mote it be!"