Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Travel Log 6-9-2: To the Water's Edge

Like many of you out there I have been outraged by the oil spill in the Gulf. Part of the depth of my anger was due to my powerlessness in this situation. I can't fix this. I can't even begin to fathom what can be done to in any way mitigate the damage. It is beyond rational comprehension to think about this subject and not be incoherent with pure, blinding rage.
Those of us who practice earth based faiths are doubly hit with this crisis. Not only is a huge amount of damage being done to a unique and priceless ecosystem, but the very core of our faith has been defiled by careless hands. No act of nature, but human hands serving human needs. In some way we all feel not only angry, but guilty. We benefit from these processes, and if we did not then there would be no need for the drilling in the first place.
I recently found a blog that many have already found. They have started a movement. While being solitary I tend to keep to myself this New Moon on the 12th will find me at the waters edge, joining all my sisters and brothers out there of many faiths who will be helping to in some small way give back what we have taken.

Travel Log 6-9: California is hot!

I know that since I've lived here all my life I should have realized that, but this year is the first time I've gone through summer in a house that doesn't have central air. I have been spoiled. It is seriously hot out there and in here.
But on a really positive note I found this post through Pink and Green mama to Not So Idle Hands to make your own gummies.If you get a chance check out her blog, it is a hub of all things crafty. Seriously cool. this was super easy and a lot of fun! The little man loves them and now we don't have to buy potty treats we can make them! That and it is a really simple process that the kids can help with.
On the kitten front there has been a massive development. Witchazel is no longer Witchazel. The kitten formerly known as Witchazel will now be known as Phineas. Because he is in fact, a little boy. We found out from the vet that he is just 5 weeks old so we have to feed him kitten formula and super soft kitten food. And he has a respiratory infection and eye infection so he's taking meds for both of those. Oh and of course, he's a boy. She tried to be nice and hide her laughter, even made a sop at my pride by saying it was hard to tell when they are that young, but I definately caught a smirk when she was saying good bye to "hazel".
In my defense I just don't spend that much time staring at cat genitalia.....yeah see even my excuse doesn't sound good, sigh.
But yay the kitten only has minor problems, I was seriously worried for a little while.
On the spiritual side I have actually started to gather information on the modern druid paths that have developed in the past century. I do like a lot of the new takes that have come up and it's an interesting take on the interconnectedness of everything.