Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travel Log 5-15: And Sometime this Week I Shall Be Wet!

Our pool has just been drained. The owner's finally, after 4 months, have  come to take care of it. So sometime this week they will have it cleaned and filled and we shall swim!
On the plus side I'm doing ok at work so money stress is calming down a bit.
Other than that I can really feel the changes I am pushing to make in my life starting to work on my outlook. Things are starting to roll off my back and I'm feeling more grounded in my moral framework, which when you're in the car business is a REALLY BIG issue, lol.
I also really helps to read all of your blogs and see that there are so many different ways to look at the same problems and deal with them. So thanks for that =)!

This is a pretty good ritual to invoke a spirit that I found on Rev Gigi's B.O.S
that I think I might adapt for my pool. With 4 kids around the more help I can get for pool safety the better!

Items needed
The image or token of your Guardian
As many candles as you wish, the more the better
An offering of some sort: milk with a bit of whisky in it, cornmeal, incense

This is best done in a Circle, as the Circle will enhance the energy. Cast the Circle as usual, and when you come to the body of the ritual, charge the image/token in this way:

From below the image, imagine a column of white light arising from the Earth. Pull it up into the image, and form a ball of white light around it. Imagine the Earth energy filled with strength, and courage, and protective love. Now from above the image, imagine a column of white light coming down from the Heavens. Let this light enter the image, mixing with the Earth energy. Imagine this energy as filled with intelligence and vigor. Let the two energies mix, and come into perfect balance. Now invoke your Guardian into being. Say something like:

Behold from this energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky I fashion a Guardian. A protector and champion. I call you into being O Guardian: I call you forth: I imbue you with energy and will, and I give you form. May you take this form: may you animate this form: may it be my key to you O Guardian.

Imagine the Guardian in the form of the image (or if you are using a token, in the form you desire). See the Guardian begin to grow, expanding from the size of the image to life size, then to larger than life size. Imagine it taking on the appearance and movement of a living being.

Make your offering now. Say something like:

Greetings O Guardian. Accept this nourishment from me, in token of the bond between us. As you give service to me, so do I also give service to you. As you protect me and mine, so likewise I honor you and nourish you. Accept this offering I pray and take of it what you desire, when you have finished, I will dispose of what remains.

Place the offering before the image. Imagine the offering glowing with light, very brightly. Imagine the Guardian taking the offering, and consuming it. It should be noted that the nourishment is not the offering spiritual beings have no use for physical food- but rather the act of respect in offering it, and the energy included with it.

Now charge your Guardian. Say something like this, depending on what exactly you need:

O Guardian, I charge you, to protect me and mine from all harm, shield us from negativity, stand with us and aid us against any dangers and keep us safe and strong. Protect us in our home, and away from home. Be alert to all dangers and avert them! And when we no longer have need of you, and no longer make offerings to you, return to the Goddess and let Her guide you forward! We thank you O Guardian and offer you our love and our respect. May the Blessing Be upon you, beloved Guardian!

Now close the Circle as usual. Then place the image of the Guardian in a place of honor, either on your altar or on an altar of its own. If it is to protect your home, it can be good to place it near the front door.

Make frequent offerings to the Guardian, in the same way as above. The offering should be respectful, and accompanied by thanks for the Guardian’s service: Once a week is normally good. This nourishes the Guardian partly in the sense of keeping it focused. Do not forget, or your Guardian will dissipate and be no good to you.

When you no longer need the Guardian, you should do a ritual of thanksgiving, honoring it for its service and formally releasing it to the Goddess. If you are creating a Guardian who is meant to serve indefinitely, you would alter your charge accordingly, instructing it to go dissipate and return to the Goddess when it is no longer needed, and thanking it for its service in advance.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Travel Log 5-14: Post in 60 Seconds or Less...GO!

Just dropping in on my way out the door to work. I have now officially started an exercise program, mainly consisting of pairing my standing and walking all day with some pilates and resistance when I get home.
Now I just have to find a way to resist the smell of In-And-Out wafting into the dealership from all of A BLOCK away.
Curse you burgery deliciousness...curse you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Travel Log 5-12: A Small Being Has Lodged Itself Onto My Lap...

Sir Squish-a-Lot has decided that if he holds onto some portion of me at all times there is no way I can sneak off to work today. While in theory he is correct, in practice this also means I can't sneak off to places like the bathroom either. Good thing I have the day off. And a really strong bladder.
I did come to an interesting conclusion today though.
While staring at all the many and varied choices in the body wash/ skin care aisle at our local Tarjay I realized that none of it was exactly what I wanted. Not a single one caught my attention or enticed me in any way. However, a little light in my head had gone off about making my own. It is really uber easy, and fairly inexpensive. And best of all I can have exactly what I want!! No froo froo flowery smells. No random weird chemical ingriedients that change colors. This is my new goal.... And with so many of you out there who have great recipes I shall be overmarketed plastic bottle free in no time!
 Here's a recipe  from I plan on trying out as soon as I can! :

Strawberry-Lemon Shower Gel
1/2 tablespoon of unscented natural liquid soap
3 large frozen strawberries
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of aloe Vera gel
6 to 8 drops of lemon essential oil
5 drops of strawberry fragrance oil

Thaw fruit and puree in blender or food processor. Pour into a bowl and add salt. Stir, and then add aloe Vera gel, liquid soap, and essential oil. Mix well. Use immediately.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Log 5-11: Wowzie Wow Wowzer

I have let myself get so off track it is unbelievable.
Look how long it's been since I posted on here.....
I have let a job that is just supposed to bring in the money sap away my time, life, and energy.
The last time I actually wrote something creatively was last Halloween. Everything that I was working so hard to bring into my life and become was tossed to the wayside.
Not anymore.
And now that I am done being melodramatic I'll be making appearances on all of your blogs again soon.