Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travel Log 6-11: They're Action Figures....Yeah That's What They Are...

  Happy weekend all!
   This weekend we're going to be doing a couple brand new things.
   First thing we're going to do is go to the grand opening of a new comic inspired store that one of our friends is hooked up with. It's called Super Bad Action Figures. If you are anywhere near Redlands Ca, and want to meet Wolverine (the character not Hugh Jackman, darn it!) in person or have a hankering to hang with the local chapeter of the 501st Imperial Battalion then come on down! We'll also be there with midgets in tow since our 4 year old thinks storm trooper is a viable career goal (almost brings a tear to my eye *sniff*).
   And then later the hubster and I are going to be going out sans midgets. This is significant because up until now if we went out without the littleun's then one of my family members were watching them and that was only if we really had to. This time we'll be doing a trial run with a lovely young lady that came recommended by a friend. She is awesome and I've talked to her a ton over the past couple weeks. How lucky is it that I stumbled onto one of the few pagan baby sitters in southern California? I was super stoked to find out that she actually attends a Temple that a bunch of people I know (not the referring friend, lol) go to? So I don't have to hide the pentagrams when she comes over to babysit!
    Now we just have to see if me and hubby can actually be ok with someone else being with the kids. So wish us luck as we are off to go geek out!
   Oh and I almost forgot to let you know that I have another craft up on my other blog Witchy Thrifting if you want to check it out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Travel Log 6-9: Oh The Crafty Fun!

The craftyness has been abounding here and I'm slowly but surely transforming all the absolutely gorgeous glassware that I picked up this past weekend. I've also been working on my new project which is tied to the extra craftiness going on.
    Since I've been kicking around  the idea of putting together a book proposal with my Thrifty Witch stuff (another article of which is going to be appearing in next month's Witches Hour E-zine) and I've been saying that I'll be using you guys as a sounding board of sorts for my ideas for that I've come to a conclusion. I have a hard time basically take over this blog with my ideas for this project.
    So I've decided to start another blog for my Thrifty Witch stuff. I know, I'm now one of the mulitpagers, lol. I've just had so many ideas for this that it would literally take over this page with it and I value this too much as a journal for that. So this is my official launch of my new page!
    Once I started looking at doing a new page I actually did a google search for Thrifty Witch and the name is not quite as original as I thought (I know I know, there's nothing new under the sun) so I went for one that I like better and is a bit more original.
    So here is the link to the new page...drumroll please.....Witchy Thrifting!
    Right now it is mainly my thoughts on the processes of thrifting from a witchy persepctive with some reposts of crafts I put on here, but by this weekend I'll have a couple new ones up. Come check it out and I would appreciate any critique you guys may have =)!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Travel Log 6-6: Busy Busy Weekend

This weekend has been crazy, lol. We did a lot of running around looking for things that couldn't be found (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it- lol). Apparently it is nigh unto impossible to find silicone muffin pans. I am so sick of the water here tearing apart the nostick coating on the metal ones and I've been dying to get an enamel set (which apparently doesn't exist, sigh) or for second choice a silicone one (which apparently only exists in the deep dark recesses of the interwebz).
    In other, cooler, news the Hubster surprised me this weekend by getting me a new camera! All of you have been very sweet in not mentioning how crappy the photo's I post on here are but that now shall change! While in no way a top of the line model, this little baby is a definite improvement! This has acted as the electric cattle prod to my crafting bug. I now have and driving urge to get my crafting on, so I indulged myself and hit up the thrift store this weekend as well.
   I found some awesome pieces and went a little wild with the glassware, lol. I've actually come up with a technique I really like to treat glassware so I'll be showing you guys that soon. I found some really, really cool stuff (I even squeed over some of it, lol).
   On the crafting and thrifting subject-
   I know I've mentioned using you guys as guinea pigs test subjects  an opinion poll on my book idea for my thrifting/crafting thing I've been doing. Well I've decided to take that a small step further and I'll tell you guys all about that a little later this week. A lot of it has to do with all the swag I picked up this weekend that is going to go towards my ritual tool project (got almost everything I need actually, lol) so I'll be a busy little bee getting those done, and it also has to do with having everything in place to show you =).
     I hope everyone else's weekend was as fun and productive as mine!