Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel Log 6-22: Quick Post and A Couple of Monkeys

     The Solstice went fine once I pumped myself full of caffeine. Lots of laughing (only a little bit of which was maniacal) and fun was had. Didn't get to bake the bread, but hey more cookies are always a good thing (shush diet, your opinion doesn't count in this matter). 
Just a quick little pop in to let you know that Witchy Thrifting has a new entry- with pictures!
   And speaking of pictures here's some of the pictures I took at the Santa Ana Zoo this past week on our last adventure- Nature shots are so not my thing, lol.
"Ooh, look at those strange specimens out there. They have some strange sort of flashy box and the little ones keep hopping around the big one and asking for candy.."

" Hold still?? Are you insane woman those are poison dart frogs!"

"I think I can hot wire this one"

"Look Grandpa he's climbing why can't I?"

" No Mommy I can't look at you for pictures there are MONKEYS!"

"Being the older brother is pretty sweet sometimes, especially if it means you get to see the spider monkeys better."
"The tamarins are sooo cute- look at the babies on it's back!"

     Now we're off to the Children's Museum for today's adventure!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel Log 6-21: Sleep is For the Weak...

   It's Midsummer, yay!
   Last night I was up late  dancing around with the fairies and was still so full of pixie dust I had a hard time sleeping once I did slip into bed (ok I was playing the new Alice game and lost track of time, but it sounds better to blame it on the fairies). Which is why now that my personal pixies dragged me out of bed extra early I feel like a zombie fresh out of the freezer. The fact that they are not just barely up and stumbling around bleary eyed like I am, but instead are at full running through the house awake and yelling stage makes me rather queasy.
   So I had this whole plan for today that would involve baking and cooking and playing games then having a mini bonfire in the fire pit this evening. I wonder if I can get all that accomplished curled up in a corner whimpering...
    Blessed Midsummer/ Litha to all of you out there (and Winter solstice to those in the other hemisphere!). I'm hoping that I can guzzle enough pepsi to get in the spirit!