Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Travel Log 9-16: Mabon Is Just Around The Corner

Well I've been so worried about getting all the stuff ready for the party on Samhain I completely forgot to get ready for Mabon this year! It's right around the corner on Sept. 22. So here's a little history on the day.
     Mabon is the beginning of the time of the crone on the wheel of the year. At Mabon we take time to give thanks as we store away our crops and to honor the coming dark. As the Autumn Equinox, this is the time when dark and light are balanced and the God is preparing for his impending death and rebirth. The Goddess is changing from the Mother to the Crone just as the earth is passing from it's time of fertility to it's time of rest and recouperation.
     This is also when the two kings battle once again and Darkness takes its ascendancy.
     To celebrate Mabon decorate with colors of the season. Take a walk with your family and say "goodnight" to all the trees about to go to sleep for the winter. Bake bread. Look at scrapbooks of friends and family and tell stories about who you see there. This is a time of family togetherness and a large family dinner would be a great way to honor the season!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Travel Log 9-15: Giveaways!

I was turned on to an awesome giveaway by Mrs. B over at confessions of a pagan soccer mom. The giveaway is at Laughing Vixen Lounge and it ROCKS!
 I found some awesome shops that my husband will be frequenting since we got our anniversary, my birthday, and christmas coming up!

   So check it out!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Travel Log 9-14: The Evil Land of Mondays

I truly believe somewhere some mean person is rejoicing at the horrible thing they created- Monday Mornings.
    I am not by any stretch of the imagination a morning person, and I have no idea why, but Monday's are the worst. So as I pry my eyelids open and think about propping them up with a stick I find myself wishing for a way to make this easier. Surely the gods must have some way to make this bearable.
    Snuffling back my whimpers over lost sleep I decided to find something that would help me to get in the right frame of mind in the morning. Starting out with the right mental foot can make even a trying day go more smoothly.
Here's a little tidbit I found that I am going to try:
     Take a moment to ground yourself and to take a few settling breaths. Close your eyes, visualize a brilliant sunrise over the sea and repeat the following:
       "Morning glory burning bright
        Take the sleep out of my sight
        Fire rises from the ocean to meet the air
        The Earth grounds me and gives me her energy to share
        Animals have shaken the sleep from their eyes
        The world is awake and so am I"