Thursday, May 20, 2010

Travel Log 5-20: Glitter, Baby Powder, and Cupcakes

Lately I have been looking at the stuff I have around the house. Now back in the day every person kept herbs around the house and had a nice green thumb because it was that or starve. I believe my OH refers to my thumb as mildly blackish gray (but that's just because he loves me and wants to spare my feelings). If you want spindly dead things, or perhaps dried out stalks I'm your girl! If you want healthy happy plants, not so much.
The tightening of the belts around here has lead me to thinking (don't worry, no one called the fire department about the smoke coming out of my ears), and this is what I thought. What is the most important part of a working?
Your intent.
What doesn't cost a penny?
Your intent.
So if all the trappings that I go out and pay for are just for ambiance why the Hades can't I find substitutes that I don't have to pay for?
And now most of you are saying "WE ALREADY KNEW THAT YOU DORK!"
Why yes yes you did. And now I'm finally paying attention to a lot of the darn good ideas that you guys have graced all of us out here in blog land with.
That and its gotten my creative juices flowing a bit too =).

On a slightly seperate note, my aforementioned OH is starting to show a lot of interest in my spell/wish casting. And has mentioned wanting me to perhaps teach him. Now he and I have had some strained time in our relationship, and mostly its because our views of each others role were skewed in an unhealthy manner. Now I'm going to have to muse over whether this would be a good role change or not. Hmmm.....

Oh, and check out these solar night lights from Pink and Green Mama  I am so making a set of these for my munchkin army. Some of them are still woefully afraid of the dark. How can we plot domination if we can't rule the night as well? Now we can take over the world with impunity! Mwuahahahaha!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travel Log 5-16: Right Left Center Left Center

As I've whined about on here lately I had been feeling as if I was in a moral quagmire spinning my wheels.
For the past week, since I really started to try and change it,  that has not been the case.
I have more energy, even my coworkers have noticed that I am in a better mood on a constant basis. A post by Magaly (I hope I spelled her name right) over at Pagan Culture put a name to a little twinge I still get though.
See I haven't come out of the broom closet at work. In fact I actively avoid it. Mainly I avoid it because there as so many of "those" kinds of christians there. The ones that will talk about how christian they are constantly. And discuss how christian everyone around them is. Yeah, those kind.
So I avoid it, and most of them have, by my lack of information otherwise, come to the conclusion that I am just as christian as they are. Half the time I want to say something, but then a little voice tells me "why rock the boat?"
I think in this case, because so much of my income is dependant on these people feeling comfortable working with me, that discretion may be the better part of valor. I know it is a bit of a cheap cop out, but I have never claimed to be anything other than what I have I just haven't corrected their miss-assumptions(is that even a word?). Hmm...I think I'm going to have to look for some moral guidance on this. Meditation here I come!