Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel Log 5-26: Busy Busy Busy Bee!

I have been so swamped lately it's ridiculous. I've made a solid effort to start doing more creative stuff. One of my co-workers wives invited me to her baby shower, and while I cannot attend, I did make (yes I said make!) her 2 gifts. I made a modified solar nightlight that I found on Pink and Green Mama's blog. I added a false stained glass piece (you know, the ones you make out of that special paint? The brand name is Gallery Glass) to the inside of the bottle and used glass paint to create a textured look inside the bottle. When I get the ribbon for around the neck I'll take a picture and post it.
I also made a blanket for the little princling out of the softest microfiber fleece.
And the monkey boy had his 10th birthday yesterday. Between making all the snacks and baking I was swamped. That and the filling up of 300 water balloons for the epic water fight that we had. It was a lot of wet, watery fun. I think the squishmiester was the winner of the most balloons popped on the ground award, but for a slightly less than 2 year old he did pretty good.
So yeah, that and work have kept me tied up pretty well, but I plan on doing more projects with the Gallery Glass products and probably do an art deco style lamp that I found an awesome pattern for.
A post I saw the other day really got me thinking. The exact same motto is up on the break room wall in huge letters at work but I never paid it a lot of attention. It was a post by The Domestic Witch that really made me think about it. It is the phrase "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" and in her context it is pointing towards finding what you would do if you knew that you would be successful at it.
When I think about this the first thing that jumps into my head is unequivocally writing. If I knew that I would be a successful author and my family would be taken care of I would devote my life to the stories and characters that live in my head and constantly try and break the door down to get out. I have over the past few years started to really write a full length book. But I have never finished any of the 10 that I have in various stages. And ultimately its because I am afraid. I think I'm going to have to get tougher on myself.
If it's what I truly want then I need to take the risk for it and open myself up to criticism.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Travel Log 5-23: Anger, Crafts, and Baking

Welcome to this weeks meeting of Angry Bakers Annonymous, or ABA.
*seats scrapping and general shuffling*
Do we have any new memebers today?
*raises hand*
Hi, my name is Monica, and I'm an angry baker.
This is my first meeting and I'm a little nervous. I guess I've always baked when I'm angry. Something upsets me and I run straight to the kitchen and my oven. It started small. Just cookies and pastries. But soon I started getting into the harder stuff.
*muffled sobbing*
*louder sobbing*
*sobbing no longer remotely muffled*
Soon I didn't even have to be angry. I would find little ways to be annoyed so I could bake. *sniffle*
Now my house is full of delicious baked goods and....and.... I'm going on a..a... diet!
*wailing from the back row*
But it's ok now. I got up the strength to come here. The first step is admitting you have a problem.