Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Travel Log 9-15: Burnt Sauce, Picked Apples, and Pumpkin bread

 So this weekend my dear hubby and I went out to the apple orchards and took the munchkin hoard with us. Fortunately the buildings are still standing and only minor amounts of mayhem wreaked upon the unsuspecting populace. However a whole bunch of apples were sacrificed in a gratuitous and horrifying manner to allow us to bring home, along with our 10 lbs of child labor provided apples, 2 gallons of apple cider!
     So far the plans are to make a bunch of apple butter, but the apples are disappearing qucikly! We also baked a passle (what the heck is a passle anyway??) of pumpkin bread which has been devoured (I swear someone other than me ate some- a little). I was actually so filled with domesticated confidence and power I decided to make this weeks batch of spaghetti sauce all by myself, right after the older kids got home from school. Foolish you say? Bah!  I laugh at distractions and 3 year old trips to the potty!
      Which is probably how the sauce got burned, lol.