Monday, May 23, 2011

Travel Log 5-23: We're All Still Here

   Well Saturday came and went and doesn't look like the world ended. There were a lot of people looking forward to that on both sides of the issue so to speak. But honestly I hope that we can all take a lesson away from this. For me that lesson is to remind myself that it doesn't matter what tomorrow is going to bring I still have to live today. All those poor people who gave their life savings to a charletain that promised them heaven on a specific day forgot that one. Planning for tomorrow is great, but live today for all it's worth.
    In happier news (I know what's happier than the world not ending right?) this week is the Monkeyman's birthday!  11 years ago I gave up my dream of living as a hermit in some remote Irish cottage and got a new one that apparently is going to include pirates.
     I kinda feel bad for the kid since his birthday is the last day of school, but that at least means that he's going to get to stay out late. We already did the cake and presents this weekend (video's and underwear and ipod's oh my!) and the cake thing. Now normally I make a cake from scratch and then make it all pretty but for some reason my oven decided that it was going to go nuclear this weekend. It burned 3 cakes even with me cutting the cook time in half. So I had to go store bought and then customize the heck out of it. So here's the pretty darn good (if I do say so myself) re furbished store bought cake that he got on Sunday after he ripped through his presents-

The sculls were made out of fondant and were super fun. It was my first foray into fondant and I can tell you it will be making further debut's into our confectionary life, lol.
    So he had his pirate cake, and then after we almost died of chocolate we headed out to catch the new Pirates of The Caribbean movie (and Johnny Depp still looks good in eyeliner). On his birthday on Wednesday we'll be heading to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure (think Medieval Times but on a boat and no armor or horses) for his final celebration on the actual day.
    Then I'll be depressed for a couple days because on Friday they go to their dad's for the summer. Never a great time for me, but this year my hubby has helped to distract me. On Friday the little guys will be going on their first overnight to grandma and grandpa's and my hubby and I will have 2 nights alone without children in 4 years. A mini vacation kinda. And we're going to be going to a Haunted History tour in San Diego. It's going to include the Star of India and The Wiley House (the oldest brick house left on the west coast) so I am super stoked about that. His birthday is next week and he's being an absolute sweety and taking his birthday celebration to make me feel better. Hopefully we won't go into kid withdrawal and scrap the whole thing Saturday morning, lol.