Sunday, June 27, 2010

Travel Log 6-27: Summer's coming down like a ten ton hammer

Yeah, I think I've mentioned that this isn't my favorite season. It is even less so now that I spend 9 hours a day standing outside.
  However this year has a perk- I have a pool!
   Summer is so much better with a pool, let me tell you. But that aside I'm looking forward to berry picking time. There is a historic farm a little ways from here that we go to for berry and apple picking. I hope to be able to do the same this year, despite my crazy schedule. It's such a fun activity for all of us. The kids love running through the berry patches and putting the half of the berries that don't go into their mouths into the baskets to be taken home and baked into all sorts of goodies.
    Berry cakes and trifles and cookies, Oh My!
    That and since I've been working such a crazy schedule I've been slowly watching my commitement to focus on my spiritual path erode away with my extra energy. but lately I've been trying to focus on just bringing part of that spirituality into the everyday parts of my life in little ways with the whole "little bits add up" motto. Here's one I start the day with now. It makes me feel a lot more centered and that helps throughout the day.
Here's my new spirit shower ritual (it's a little basic, and kinda cheesy, but it works for me =) :
     First I pull out my homemade strawberry and lemon shampoo, and then to the tune of I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair (yes I'm a rogers and hamerstein geek- I've learned to live with that) I chant the following:
      I'm gonna wash that stress right out of my life
      I'm going to scrub my spirit clean and bright
I do that three times three times as I'm washing my hair, and then I repeat for scrubbing everything else with a lavendar scrub I found out how to make on Domestic Witch .
     I've found it really helps to get me in the frame of mind to start the day in the right spirits, and it's a quick and easy addition to my daily routine.