Saturday, November 6, 2010

Travel Log 11-6: I've Been Productive

Well today has been a really productive day. Been out and done all the shopping, opened up and played with- uh I mean used, my birthday presents. I was lucky enough to get a pressure canner and an electric roaster for my birthday and I currently have some spaghetti sauce canning and a roast making my mouth water. It's been a good day, when I get the pics downloaded I'll be sure to post them. Working on a few ideas for home made christmas presents for the adults in our life this year. We've been doing so well starting to do most stuff home made and I want to kinda show it off to family and friends. Oh and don't forget to enter the Giveaway that the lovely people over at CSN stortes have been kind enough to sponsor! Click here and get your entry in!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel Log 11-2: And Now for a Very Important Note....

...get out there and vote!
     I am not, on the whole, a political person. It all just irritates the hell out of me and makes me want to put all those pundits and elected officials in a room with bears that missed lunch. But for those of us who live here in the good 'ol US of A this is the time to get up off our butts and say something (albeit anonymously in a closed booth, that like by law no one can see into...but anyway it IS speaking up!). Of course there are a lot of people who don't, and usually they are the sane and reasonable people- because most sane people look at our political choices and want to run screaming in the opposite direction, cause well, they are sane and reasonable people. But I digress.
      The point is that unless we use our voice we cannot be heard.
     As a card carrying pagan (hey, if something is around long enough SOMEONE will give out cards for it...) I am in a marginalized and generally discounted minority. Yes there are a lot of us but we are not orginized, nor are we cohesive. Also quite a few of our numbers are in situations that do not allow them to freely express their religious affilitations, which sucks but hey it happens to the best of us. So how do we a) get a voice, and b) make sure that it is used to advance our situation and protect our rights?
     Voting is annonymous and it's only beneficial. It only takes a few minutes, and it's a way that all of us can help to back up those groups that are out there fighting for our rights and standing on the front lines getting hit with the crazy stick that a lot of the right wingers seem to carry about there person somewhere.
     There are tons of websites out there that list the candidates and what they stand for, and what voices they are going to listen to.
     So today instead of getting up in arms because someone has called us satanic, or crazy, or has put in-appropriate art work somewhere,  let's hit 'em where it hurts- in the votes!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Travel Log 11-1: Oh What A Time We Had

Sorry for the absence right after meeting some of you but this weekend, besides being All Hallow's Eve, was also the first time my best friend has gotten to visit me in about 2 years. She moved up to Washington state about 6 years ago and I have missed her like crazy. So we were a bit crazy, what with all the running amok and all. Unfortunately no governments were toppled or mayhem mayhammed (is that even a word? Well now it is!). But we had a lot of fun and I am still exhausted from last night.
     She talked me and the hubby into spending our 5year anniversary (yup, married on Halloween) at a local venue for a Rockabilly show headlining with the Horrorpops. We didn't know much about the genre (don't I sound all artsy and stuff- genre...g-en-re, just saying it makes me feel more cultured, lol) but we got a quick education last night. And it was great! I now have a bunch of bands to research and for those of you who may know who they are we saw The Muertones, Resurex, FOF, The Horrorpops, and the Necromantix made a surprise appearance. What was great was the 3 classic hearses lined up in front of the show. It was awesome!
     Unfortunately the conversation that happened on the way back to the car was "we are too old for this shit" "my back is killing me" and "what ever made me wear the platform leather thigh high boots?"  But hey, what are friends for except to show you that you are waaaay past your prime.
Hopefully she will get the pictures loaded up quick and I'll toss some on here!
     Since I'm feeling uber cool and all sock hopper-ish (also now a word! I'm going to start my own dictionary soon..) instead of saying good bye I'll just catch y'all on the flipside!