Thursday, October 22, 2009

Travel Log 10-22: Off the path part 5

Yes I know, its a holiday miracle that I am posting this 2 nights in a row.
   But before we get to the story lets get some sundry bits out of the way.  For the blog party I have been busy getting the decorations and food done for our halloween party this weekend. Yesterday I set up our decorations in the front of the house and started to re-arrange the furniture. Today I worked on the food and made some vanilla cupcakes with pumpkin mouse frosting( I am not sure those are going to make it until saturday, lol).  And I made the pumpkin mousse from fresh pumpkin, which somehow was messier than when I made pie. It was a lot of fun though!
       Oh and I did a fairly out there thing for me today. I submitted one of my works to an agent to see about representation for publishing. Mainly this is a trial run for me to get over the knuckle whitening fear because in exchange for making it possible for me to participate in NaNoWriMo (watching the kids and doing extra chores to give me time to write) my OH has demanded that I actually get out there and get whatever book I complete during November published. So I am dangling my toe in the water so to speak.
And now on to the story!

Off The Path Part Five:
        "You guys can come out now,  there's no way I 'm falling for it."
       Tiffany pushed herself to her feet and started to walk towards the rustling sound. She heard a light giggle as she got near the edge of the trees. She peered into the gloom and saw a flash of red move quickly through the deeper gloom.
       "I am so not scared you guys. This is lame." She called as a wolf howled in the distance.

      "It's a bad idea, I'm telling you."
      Amanda was sitting on the edge of Tiffany's bed as she got dressed.
      "It's no big deal, I don't know what the big freak out is with everyone and those woods. They're just a bunch of trees and squirrels." She pulled  the gray sweatshirt over her head and pulled her mousy brown ponytail out of the collar.  She pulled on a pair of warm wool socks and started to stuff her feet in her boots.
     "It's not the woods. It's what's in them. No one goes in the woods after the mountain hides the sun. Bad things happen in there. Ever since that Shaman gave his curse those woods have been dangerous."
      "Oh please, it's just an old myth that people have blown out of proportion. So some guy laid down a curse when he was pissed about dying. Big whoop. Nothing to get spooked about."
       "But the curse came true!"
        "What are you talking about? A curse can't come true."
         Amanda sat up straighter and started to gesture expressively while she talked.
         "Everyone thought that when they buried that Indian, but then a few months later the judge's pretty young wife went walking in the woods after shadowfall wearing her favorite red cloak. No one noticed anything out of place at first, except that she would laugh all the time, but after a couple days they found her wandering out of the big old mansion the judge had built for her covered in blood and screaming about the wolf. When they went inside they found everyone hacked up with a cleaver. Everyone from the judge to the little scullery maid that was only eight years old."
        She had gotten more solemn as she had finsihed her tale. Tiffany shook her head.
       "Just because some rich chick loses it and kills some people doesn't mean there's a curse, it just means that some one was silly enough to let the crazy woman near the knives."
      " Eleven people. She killed eleven people without even one of them able to fight back. And she wasn't crazy until she went in those woods. And she wasn't the only one. The school teacher about 30 years ago didn't believe in the curse and went into the woods after dusk to gather some plants he said were really rare. When he came out he wouldn't stop giggling. The Doctor at the time gave him some medication and suggested he get some rest. Two days later they found him sitting in the middle of his classroom with  a rifle shooting out the window at the kids on the playground. If the Sheriff hadn't shot him on the spot who knows how many kids he would have killed. I'm telling you don't go in there today it's dangerous."
        "I get that you believe this crap Amanda, you were raised here. But no curse is going to keep me from showing  Millie Hawks and everyone else that they can't mess with me or Sarah. If this is what it takes then so be it." She relented a little bit because Amanda looked so concerned and it was nice to have a friend to be concerned about her. " I'll be careful I won't go off the path, I swear."

That's all for tonight, hopefully I'll get more up tomorrow night =).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Travel Log 10-21: It's Almost November

As Amy over at Hello Better Than Ever Reminded me in her post November is National Novel Writing Month. There is a great bunch of people over at who put on a whole event for it and make a great community to reach a goal of 50,000 words by the end of the month. I've watched this in years past and never done it because I was just too scared to even contemplate letting people read anything I've written, or even know that I write, but over the past month I've opened up to all of you on here and I've tried to let that go.
     In less than 3 weeks I'm going to turn 30. This is often marked as a transition point in people's lives where they essentially embrace their adulthood. So it's time to put on the big girl panties and take a deep breath and take the plunge.
     Now here's where I try to drag as many of you with me as humanly possible (there's safety in numbers dontcha know!). It's free and there are no strings attached. It's all about the word count and no one will be judging your work(or even actually see it if you don't want them to), so there is no pressure, and all of us do so much writing on here and have so much creativity that I would love to see what we all come up with
        Let's see how many of us out here in blog land can be novelists by Yule!

As a side note if you want a great free book download on the NaNoWriMo experience and tips on how to make it through check out NaNo for the New and Insane it's an amusing read and really helpful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travel Log 10-20-2: Finally As Promised....

Off the Path Part Four:

     The silence creeped into the woods. From her seat Tiffany could see a few feet into the trees, but as the shadow of the mountain quickly spread down to the valley the shadows deepened and her eyes began to strain.
     "I'll just rest for a moment, they can't take much longer." 
      Her eyes drifted shut then shot open as she heard leaves rustling to her right.

      The jukebox played an annoying country song that Tiffany had heard a million times already. She rested her elbows on the counter and dropped her head onto her fists.
     " I wonder if I play it backwards if the guy will get his wife, truck, and dog back"  she muttered.
      All in all working at a pizza place had its perks. Free soda, as long as she didn't drink too much, a free slice a night, and tips when people were feeling generous. On the tolerable scale this was pretty high. But weighing heavily on the other side of that scale was having to listen to the music that any joker with a dollar bill wanted. And boy did they love them some country in Cottington.
     The bell above the door jingled and she stopped glaring at the guy in the cowboy boots getting up with another dollar to greet the new customer.
     "Hey Tif how's it going?" Amanda bounced up to the counter and dropped onto one of the red vinyl stools.
       Here was the best part of working in The Pie Palace. Amanda's parents owned the place. So she got to hang out with Amanda while she worked and no one gave her crap about it.
       The weeks had passed pretty quickly. The Homecoming dance was next week and it felt like only yesterday that she had watched Rita drive full speed of into the sunset. And yet it seemed that she had been here forever. 
     Now when she walked around town she noticed that not all the whisperers were looking at her. Apparently Sarah was a bit of an oddity in the small town. She'd even heard an old woman mutter "witch" as they passed the other day. But there may have been a b on that instead.
      What a bunch of yokels. Just because a woman lived alone and liked to garden didn't mean she went around cackling and looking for kids to shove in an oven. But on the whole they didn't get hassled too much. Millie and the triple P's still gave her crap, but Amanda said it would blow over once Sean finally asked Millie to the dance.
     Tiffany would rather take the little tricks they tried to pull on her than see Millie snuggled up to Sean.
      Sean Amos was the school's celebrity. He had written a poem that had been published in an actual book of poetry. He had even gone on a book signing tour and everything. Tiffany had read it and his poem was awesome. He was so deep and meaningful. Every girl for at least two counties was swooning at his feet. Of course Amanda said that it didn't hurt that he was six foot  two with gorgeous blue eyes and shaggy black hair. And Tiffany would have to agree, it didn't hurt at all. Except when she thought about him going to the dance with, gag, Millie Hawks.
      No, she would much rather picture him riding up to Sarah's house on his shiny black motorcycle- oh it was so hot! Then he would knock on the door and smile that crooked smile as he-
     "Tif have you been listening?"
      "Huh? Oh yeah, sorry Amanda I drifted off for  a minute, what's up?"
      " Only the hottest scoop of the year! I can't believe you would rather day dream than hear the latest Sean Amos bulletin." Her friend gave her a sly grin and nonchalantly leaned against the counter. "Of course if you may just not be into him as much as I thought you were." She looked down and examined her unpainted nails.
       "What, did he finally get around to asking Millie?" Tiffany tried not to sound too interested. It didn't matter. She was a drifter. What would one dance matter when she drifted on to the next place Rita dumped her.
        "No in fact she practically threw herself at him in the supermarket and he told her to-"
         The little bell tinkled again as the door opened and in walked the subject of their discussion, bringing Amanda's tale to a halt.
          Tiffany smoothed the Pie Palace t-shirt she had to wear down and rubbed her slightly damp hands on her jeans. How could anyone possibly look so cool in just a t-shirt and jeans with a ratty leather jacket over it. She gulped back the drool that had started pooling at the back of her mouth and kept chanting in her head- be cool. Be. Cool.
        " Hey girls, mind if I pull up a stool?"
          "Yeah sure Sean, sit on down " Amanda answered while Tiffany silently nodded.
          Smooth. Absolutely smooth. She was such a loser.
          "Can I get you anything. " she finally croaked out. Where the hell was a handy rock when you needed to hide?
            "Sure, I'll take a slice of pepperoni and a coke."
            As she hustled to get his order Tiffany had a silent screaming match with herself. By the time she returned with his pizza and drink her morose side had won. It usually did. Winning was the only thing it liked to do.
            "Here's your slice and your coke. So you shackled yourself to Millie yet?" Oh. My. God. The voice of the shy girl in her head kept pleading with her to say that she wasn't the one who just said that.
            Sean started laughing so hard that he sprayed a little bit of the soda he had just sipped. That relaxed her a little bit. He wasn't the earthly embodiement of cool. He was just a boy.
            " Is that what everyone is buzzing about. " he eyed Amanda who was staring at Tiffany as if she had grown another head. "No I don't intend to get my self 'shackled'  to that particular piece of work. " he said on another chuckle.
          "Aw come on. Oldest story in the book. Popular guy meets popular girl. They go a few rounds of hard to get then the float of into the sunset together on a little golden raft of popular bliss. Don't tell me you're going to be the one to break the chain. Society as we know it may come to a grinding halt." That got him laughing again. God he had a great laugh. If she could keep him laughing forever it would be worth it. As long as he was laughing it meant he was noticing her.
         The bell tinkled again.
        "Well hello Millie. I see you've got the entourage with you tonight."  Sean's voice had cooled as Millie and the other girls in her group sauntered up to the counter.
         "Waitress, get me and my friends a large veggie pizza. Well hello Sean, fancy seeing you here." The blond eyed Amanda and Tiffany. " I thought your taste was more sophisticated than this."
          Tiffany stiffened at the obvious insult. She glared at Millie as she rang up the order.
          Millie wrapped her arm through Sean's and began trying to tug him to his feet. " C'mon and sit with us, we'll be sure to entertain you."
           Sean wouldn't get up. Millie tugged a little harder and her grip slipped, causing her to tumble back. Tiffany snorted a laugh that she tried to cover up. Don't confront, don't confront.
           "What are you laughing at weirdo?"
            "There's no need to be rude Millie. It was pretty funny watching you almost slide on your butt." Tiffany felt her heart beat race. He'd stood up for her again!
            "What are you doing hanging with these dweebs anyway. Come sit with us and we can talk about when you're going to pick me up next Saturday." The blond grabbed one last time for his arm but missed as he stood and backed away from her.
            "Contrary to popular belief it will not cause the downfall of civilization if I don't take you to the dance Millie." Did he just wink at her? Tiffany almost pinched herself because in no universe that she was aware of was Sean Amos turning down Millie Hawks and winking at her!
             "But Sean honey, of course you're going to-"
             "Let me make this as clear as possible Millie." He turned so that he faced Tiffany fully leaving his back to a shocked Millie. " Do you happen to have an escort to the dance Tiffany?" She shook her head as she stared at him. "Excellent. Would you care to go with me?" She nodded silently and started to wonder if she was halllucinating. " I'll be by to pick you up at six then. We'll grab something to eat. Something more sophisticated than pizza. " He winked at her again strode out the door never even looking at Millie.
            Tiffany stood there and wondered if she had passed out and just not noticed. Amanda was talking a million words a minute and Millie was glaring daggers at her. Then all of a sudden Millie stopped glaring and started smiling. Snakes would have run screaming from that smile.
           "Well didn't you turn out to be the clever one? " Amanda wound down as she warily watched the blond girl.
           "I didn't do anything. He just likes me better." Yet again her mouth had run away with her. You never answer back. Never. She watched Millie's nostrils flare out with the anger the comment spiked. Then she smiled again.
           "Of course you did. You're the niece of a witch. You probably got her to put a love spell on him. That's the only way he'd choose a little creep like you over me. I'm sure Sean will see the error of his ways when I tell him what you did."
           Tiffany felt her own anger starting to heat.
           "Sarah is not a witch. only an ignorant fool would say something like that."
           "So she's not a witch? Well we have a test for evil in these parts. If you and your aunt aren't witches then you should have no problem passing it. Unless of course you have something to hide."

That's all for tonight. The next installment will have some definate creepy crawlers in it now that  I've got the back story sorted out, so stay tuned!

Travel Log 10-20: It Has Been A Weekend!

As I may have mentioned before yesterday was Her Royal Highness's 8th birthday. And boy has it been a birthday extravaganza this weekend!
     Saturday she went to go see Charlottes Web with her grandma and aunt(we took the boys to the pumpkin festival and insect fair). Sunday we all went to Goofy's kitchen (a really cool kids restaurant with all the Disney characters coming around to the tables and getting up and dancing in the middle of the restaurant- they even have pb&j pizza!). At least 5 disserts were had by all!
     And then yesterday we suprised HRH and the Weremonkey by letting them play hookie from school and taking them to Disneyland! Where HRH was treated to the princess makeover at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. From head to toe she got a princess outfit(she chose Cinderella from dress to shoes to purse and gloves), they did her hair(she chose the punk princess style with this really cool multi-color hair piece), her make up,  her nails, and did a photo package. It was all really well set up and she had a blast. Everyone at the park wished her a happy birthday all day and we even got pictures and autographs from Captain Hook, The Queen of Hearts, and The Evil Queen. It was awesome.
      Then we came home for an icecream cake party with all her presents. If this doesn't go down as one of the best birthday's ever I'm going to disown that kid...
     My OH warned me not to keep setting the bar so high,lol.
      And to keep up wiht the 31 days of Halloween Saturday was the pumpkin festival, Sunday was halloween crafts including making spiders out of blowpops, and yesterday I hit up the Haunted Mansion- which is decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas and even got to pick up a cd of the original story recording for the haunted Mansion from its opening in 1969. It's all creepy radio showish and I squeeed all the way home listening to it. Supriningly the male lead was played by Ron Howard, so it gives the silly kids who stumble into the mansion that extra "gee whiz"  quality.

I'll have pics and more of Off the Path tonight. The story for sure, the pics might have to wait because I'm old fashioned and use regular film so they''ll be up when I get it developed, which by the pile of film on my desk I haven't been doing regular enough. But here is the promised picture of the book I made for HRH. It's just the outside cover, but I did it all myself! I'll get better ones later this one is from my phone so it may look a little crappy, but in real life it looks awesome!

The swirls are in gold glitter.

But that was my weekend and I'll have more for you soon.
Until then here's a little tidbit I found that I intend to try beccause I think it's a nifty idea from   White :

Charm Of Protection For The Car

Purchase a plastic toy of a dragon, dinosaur or other fierce beast.

Make sure its mouth is open showing lots of wicked teeth.

You may want to charge it first, by holding it in your hand, visualizing it fiercely protecting

your vehicle from accidents, theft and vandalizing. Say an appropriate invocation to your

god or goddess if applicable (for instance, if you are using a cat or lion toy, you may want

to invoke Bast). If you hang this in your windshield, it will fiercely protect your vehicle.