Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel Log 6-22: Is it Just me or Is it Hot in Here?

Happy Litha everyone!
     A little late but better late than never. This is honestly not my favorite of the solstices. As a born and bred Californian sunshine is the norm around here, and honestly I could do with a lot less of it. But that may just be because I have a redhead's complexion and if I look at strong sunlight I burn. Or it may just be because I'm not overly fond of 100 degree weather. Or it may even be that I can't go to the beach now without having to wade through an ocean of tourists. But because I know I have this lack of affection I went out of my way to put even more into this year.
    I spent the afternoon floating in my pool and trying to focus all my energy on the things I love about the summer. Freedom from school when I was younger. Trips to places with my family. Popsicles and ice cream cones. Fireworks and mornings just lazing about in front of the tv. I let the joy that I found in the summer when I was a kid shine through and felt that I really connected with the solstice this year. Then I went out front with the Squishicus and Littles and my OH and had a massive water fight while running around and giggling like a maniac.
     I think this year was a success.
     Berry picking season is coming up and Lughnasadh is right around the corner. The wheel of the year is turning and this year I feel really connected to it. It feels good.