Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Travel Log 9-16: Mabon Is Just Around The Corner

Well I've been so worried about getting all the stuff ready for the party on Samhain I completely forgot to get ready for Mabon this year! It's right around the corner on Sept. 22. So here's a little history on the day.
     Mabon is the beginning of the time of the crone on the wheel of the year. At Mabon we take time to give thanks as we store away our crops and to honor the coming dark. As the Autumn Equinox, this is the time when dark and light are balanced and the God is preparing for his impending death and rebirth. The Goddess is changing from the Mother to the Crone just as the earth is passing from it's time of fertility to it's time of rest and recouperation.
     This is also when the two kings battle once again and Darkness takes its ascendancy.
     To celebrate Mabon decorate with colors of the season. Take a walk with your family and say "goodnight" to all the trees about to go to sleep for the winter. Bake bread. Look at scrapbooks of friends and family and tell stories about who you see there. This is a time of family togetherness and a large family dinner would be a great way to honor the season!


  1. We're trying to focus on Mabon here. It is so difficult with all the fabulous joys of Samhain nearing!!!

  2. I know. I've been so focused on starting to get ready for Samhain that I completely forgot about it till I looked on my calendar. Thank the gods for metaphysical calendars. Lol.