Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Log 7-15: I Got A Package!

I got a lovely little package in the mail today!
    Wendy over at The Halloween Tree sent me a nifty little gift. I was lucky enough to win one of her giveaway's celebrating having 105 followers. So this morning I the mailman brought me a wonderfully wrapped copy of Emily's Good Nightmares! I wish I had thought to get a picture of the package because it was beautiful. Wendy is an awesome artist and she included a gift tag from her shop that is going to be hung in a special place =).
     So far the kidnicks have already stolen the book about 4 times and Littles seems to be in love with Emily as he keeps commenting on how pretty she is. Of course the one that is  really blond is going to be the goth in training, lol.
    Oooh and I tried out a new recipe that is percolating in the oven as we speak so I'll be chomping on it in a few minutes and if it is as good as I think it will be then I'll post it on here to share.

 And as usual here is my little tidbit in my "small things add up" campaign-
    When brushing your hair say the following:
     "Each strand grows a little bit every day
      so our spirits grow to meet what comes our way"

I usually visualize myself flowing and flexing with life but not breaking.


  1. I always pray to good for a The Halloween Tree. As i feel it should be in the world i know its imagination and in reality its not possible. But As a little kid i always wish to be .
    Spring break

  2. Well I am so happy you received your gifty! I bought myself a copy of the book too...I love it. And I agree that Emily is pretty! The artwork is just so cool isn't it? Thank you for participating! Have a fab weekend.

    As for a Halloween Tree...well I too wish there to be one just like the one in the cartoon version of The Halloween Tree. But the next closest thing that is real is a Persimmon tree after the fruit has ripened and the leaves have fallen off leaving these perfect little pumpkin shapes on bare scraggly branches. I blogged about it a year or so ago and posted some photos of some incredible ones. And as luck would have it, I found one this Spring at my favorite Garden Center. It is planted in the middle of my herb garden and actually has a few small fruit on it already. They are green right now, and I've been photographing it hoping they will turn orange in the Fall. I will have to post about it as I follow it's progression from small fruit tree to full blown Halloween Tree! :o)