Friday, July 23, 2010

Travel Log 7-23: The Write Stuff

Ok, so more on my obsession- candles.
     They work as such a great focusing device, and they are so easily customized I thought I would share some ways to customize them that are pretty cheap or even free!
     So here are a few ideas:

1. Markers.
      As long as you are careful not to smudge what you draw or write on the candle markers work fine! And if you use the scented markers you can turn a non-scented candle into a scented one.

     No it doesn't have to be a #2 ticonderoga, but if you prefer to engrave on your candles a sharp pencil ( not pointy sharp, bu the good sharp where it would make an even line on paper without breaking the tip)  will give you a decent score while leaving some flexabilty for detailing. You could even combine this with #1 and overlay the engraved lines with marker or scented marker.

      If you start with a sharp ( you can shave them down to make a sharp edged one if you are using used crayons) and a candle flame you can draw symbols, and if you're really good, words on the outside of candles. Just hold the crayon in the flame until it starts to melt then draw!

4.Ball point pen.
     Pretty much the same as a pencil, but if you don't keep pencils in the house an old ball point pen would work just as well.

5.Ribbon or cord.
       Depending on how dexterous you are there are a couple ways you can use this material. If you are really good you can tie the ribbon or cord (or even yarn if you have some) into symbols and either hot glue or tie them onto the candle. Or you can (using ribbon) write your intentions and symbols onto the ribbon and tie as many as you need around the candle. That is kind of a cool technique because they can be reused if you are going to use the same candle for multiple purposes or if you need to redo your spell and need to use another candle.

Hope that inspired some of you to come up with your own spell candles =)!

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