Thursday, August 12, 2010

Travel Log 8-12: How the Idea Works

As Wendy over at  the Halloween Tree pointed out it would be good to know how this pass the flashlight thing would work. Well wait no more because the little grey clouds that live in my head have been sparking off the lighting and I think I've figured out how this can work. It will be kind of like a literary relay race.
     I'll collect everyone who wants to participate here on my blog and make a list. Then I'll draw them out of a hat in random order to decide who goes in what order. Then everyone who participates will blog their section of the story on their own blog, and I will post who is blogging on each day with a link to where their post(or just their blog if they are a bit tardy with blogging like I am) and the person who just finished can link to the next participant on the bottom of their story post. That way people can follow it all around blog land like a story hunt!
    I think how many people want to participate should dictate what length options each participant should have and I think since we're all of a more esoteric bent I think we should call it Pass the Candle, rather than pass the flashlight.
    AND I've been extra productive this morning and even made a little clip art thingie for it. Tell me if you like it-


  1. Ahh...nice image and the name change is good too. I'll participate if you get enough story tellers. Just keep me posted. :o)

  2. Keep me posted too, I am also in with a little darker twist if You don't mind:)

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