Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Travel Log 9-7: Oh What a Tangled Web.....

It has been a bit like a hurricane over here in this little corner of astral space. A lot of changes have been happening so quickly it has pretty much knocked me off of the web for a while.
  Change number one is that my hubby has finally landed what appears to be the perfect engineering position! It pays well above our expectations and is a solid, stable, family- owned and operated company where he can stay for quite some time.
   Change number 2 is that I am now a stay at home mom again. While there was some massive negativity from the management when I left the dealership I worked for (in fact they insisted on firing me instead of accepting my resignation), I am really happy to be home with my munchkins full time again. But the down side to be home and not bone tired, dragging myself to the bed, is that I got a chance to take a good look at the level of housekeeping my dear hubby had been maintaining. Yeeeeeaaaaah. I almost screamed. I gagged when scrubbing out the sink. I swear there was the scree scree scree of psycho music in the back ground when I got to the bathroom. It was pure horror....
    And now it's all clean and shiny. Some of the fixtures have been replaced because they were lost causes in my book. And now I am starting my domestic bliss, and the joys of potty training for the squishie man.

Oh and the winner of my giveaway hasn't responded, so I"ll be drawing another name out of the hat tonight!

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  1. Sounds like overall things have taken and upturn so...... Yah!