Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Travel Log 10-12: October Fun!

Since I decided to join the fun over at the Whimsical Cottage I have yet to actually post anything about what I am doing to bring a little bit of halloween into everything I do this month. So here is an abridged list of all the halloween type fun being got on in our household!
       - magickal brooms with protection envelopes were made by all (hopefully will have tutorial with pics on  this fun craft before this weekend =)
       - mini funkins were decorated with glitter glue and put outside to decorate the front
       - pumpkin bread, pie, and chocolate cake with pumkin whipped cream frosting were baked
       - shopping at the 99 cent store with the little guys suprised me with new halloween dessert plates, raven accented bowls, and cool pumpkin ice cube trays!
       - a trip to the craft stores got me a bunch of Halloween/fall ribbon for uber cheap, and I got some cool Halloween themed fabrics for half off. (I'll show you pics of what I did with them soon, it's really cute and involves Her Royal Highness's costume!)
         - Found out on a tour of Target's Halloween section that nothing can lure Littleman away from a Warmachine costume (for those who don't know it's from Ironman).
          - worked on my "choose your own adventure" style story for the blog this year ( you can catch the start of it here)
          - made half of my Halloween costume for this year
          - and I have to admit I have been obsessively Halloween decorating in Pet Society on Facebook

Been busy here, lol. And tonight we're making shortbread cut with Halloween cookie cutters!
 I love this month!!

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