Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Travel Log 11-9: And Now For Something Completely Different..

Ok, not so very different, but I couldn't think of a title (it happens to the best of us how do you think they got The Iceman Cometh?).I've been hitting up the after Halloween sales and I found something I just had to share!
    This is my new computer companion-
She sits on top of my scanner and watches me surf the web and of course peruse all of your blogs!
She shares her spot with Iron Man (because who would be better to ward of tech problems I ask you).
I got a few other goodies, but she is by far my favorite!
   My sweet hubby also got me the scanner/copier/printer so she has an even posher spot to rest.
   This weekend marked my first foray into the strange and cryptic world of yeast. This is a place I haven't so much feared to tread, but have been wary to broach (wary, yes wary, cause a grown woman shouldn't be scared spitless of a little packet of powder). But this weekend I rolled up my sleeves and went for it. I started simple and made my first set of from scratch rolls. They were Honey Wheat rolls and I knotted them and made them look all pretty and everything.
     I would have pictures except by the time I went and got the camera and came back half of them were gone and my husband and the evil midgets (some people call these mischievous fae "kids" or "children" but I calls 'em like I see's 'em) were all conspicuously not in the kitchen and when questioned had sworn that they were all in another town sitting quietly and definitely NOT touching the rolls at the time of the disappearance. So I have no pictures, but I hope to do another set in a day or so (they take overnight to rise) and then I shall have the camera ready.
    I can't wait to try other types of bread! Jaz over at Octoberfarm has some awesome no-knead recipes that I  have been dying to try so now all I need to do is get a clay pot like she has and I'm on it!


  1. Congrats on your foray into the wonderful world of bread-baking. I bet they turned out great, especially if the rolls were unaccountably missing. Nothing is homier or cozier than the aroma of fresh breads baking. Ive been looking for a baker like jaz's too, as I want to make that no-knead bread. Perhaps you will share where you find one. the ones Ive seen cost quite a bit.

  2. I loooove your duck! I have one almost like it (it's not wearing a top, though--mine's a naughty duck).

    And yeah for bread baking! Can you shove a roll through the computer to me?

  3. Love the duck.

    And mmm, I also love bread.