Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Travel Log 3-1: A Little Help Please

 I have a request to put out there for all you other witchy women that haunt my little corner of the blogospere- Please throw whatever good vibes you can towards my Monkeyman this Friday. He has been tested by his school and slapped with the label of "non-specific learning disorder". Now this is not so much the problem as it is the cause. See this has made his teachers think they have been given a pass about having to teach him anything. They pretty much ignore him (except the special ed teachers he sees twice a day for a few hours, they have been great but they don't get to much time with him) and generally treat him as if he wasn't their problem. I have had to go and put a metaphorical boot in several teacher and administrator's rear ends over this (as well as rampant bullying that has been happening to him). Now my first inclination is to yank him from the school and find some way to pay for private school but his father(not my current husband) has tied me into legal knots with a court order that he and his sister can only attend public school.
     But here is where there is a ray of hope along with why I need as many prayers/good vibes/witchy help as I can get for him. There are magnet schools in our area. And one of them does not require GATE program acceptance or even request grades for enrollment. On top of it this school is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) school that works largely with project based learning which is perfect for my Monkeyman. But the proverbial fly in the ointment is that they had more applicants than they have room for, so it's going to come down to a lottery style drawing this Friday to see who gets the available spots. So please throw some good vibes our direction so he can hopefully have his name pulled!


  1. Wishing you the best with this!

  2. Sending all my best wishes and I'll lite a candle this Friday.

  3. Good hopes for You all on Friday from Hungary!