Monday, March 14, 2011

Travel Log 3-14: Holes in the Walls and Nervousness

Well, we're home again, and yes there are hoes in our walls. Not a lot and not too badly, but I did go nuts with the spider spray just in case (I know that as someone who respects nature and loves the earth I should find a place in my heart for the little eight legged creepy crawlers but to me that place stops at my property line- I'll respect the little buggers in somebody else's house). I'm a little phobic about them. Now comes the waiting game over when the walls will be fixed and the new carpeting put in so that we can actually get he house back in order.
   And today is parent teacher conferences at my midgets current school. I have no idea why I'm always nervous when I go to a school for a function. I'm not being judged or rated. Maybe it's just my natural aversion to confrontation and my usual feeling of needing to yell at the Monkeyman's teachers. But nervous or not I have to go and hear how they shall rate my offspring's efforts over the last few months. And I shall refrain from doing a happy dance through his classroom and singing "ding dong the witch is dead" in reference to him going to the other school next year. It has not been all bad at this school, and he has had some great teacher's and staff working with him, but it's so hit and miss. One year he'll get a good teacher, and the next it'll be absolutely horrible.
    So we'll see how it goes, hopefully I won't have to get upset and go crazy mom on anyone.


  1. Sorry about the spiders, but nature is all about balance and you need to boundaries, don't you. I love spiders and I think they know it because the little cutties rarely show up--unless we are talking about my car, they love it there. That will tell you how much I drive (NOT).

    I'm glad your little one has some decent teachers, even if they are not all phenomenal; usually the good one makes the difference. I hope things go well.

  2. I've stolen your button! Feel free to grab my new one ;-)