Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel Log 6-21: Sleep is For the Weak...

   It's Midsummer, yay!
   Last night I was up late  dancing around with the fairies and was still so full of pixie dust I had a hard time sleeping once I did slip into bed (ok I was playing the new Alice game and lost track of time, but it sounds better to blame it on the fairies). Which is why now that my personal pixies dragged me out of bed extra early I feel like a zombie fresh out of the freezer. The fact that they are not just barely up and stumbling around bleary eyed like I am, but instead are at full running through the house awake and yelling stage makes me rather queasy.
   So I had this whole plan for today that would involve baking and cooking and playing games then having a mini bonfire in the fire pit this evening. I wonder if I can get all that accomplished curled up in a corner whimpering...
    Blessed Midsummer/ Litha to all of you out there (and Winter solstice to those in the other hemisphere!). I'm hoping that I can guzzle enough pepsi to get in the spirit!


  1. Blessed Litha to you and all those pixies.

  2. Happy Solstice to you too lady! Now onto the important business. Would the new Alice game be the American McGee's Alice for the PS3?!?!? Is it truly amazing!?!? I saw it the other day and about fell over. I played it n the computer oh so many years ago, but then we upgraded to windows XP and it wouldn't run anymore. I never got to finish it :( Is it as wonderful as it was back then? Is it better? I need all the dirty details! The SECOND I get $60 I can spend like that I am getting it, but by then it will be so old it'll probably be in a $5 bin at Wal-Mart! HA!

  3. Robin: Thank you for the blessings and right back at you!
    Sandi: Why yes yes it is, lol. I have it for the Xbox 360. It's pretty awesome. The graphics rock and (besides camera angle issues) it's got really great game play. She gets a new outfit for each level too, lol, which I am totally loving!

  4. HA! I had very similar things planned and none of them worked out. I was going to do a little fire in the pit with the hubs when he got home until he reminded me that we are currently in a burn ban due to the drought. :( No fiyah for us then. boo! Hope YOUR day turned out though!

    And we have the xbox360/kinect so I'm definitely going to have to look into this game!! We don't have a lot of games that I actually play

  5. I hope you're having your bonfire right now and toasting marshmallows! Solstice blessings to you and all the pixies.

  6. Gumbo: You've never played American Mcgee's Alice?? Oh it rox...it rox so hard. Basically its based around a little girl named Alice who survives a fire that kills her entire family and ends up locked up in an insane asylum. She has to fight her way out of 'Wonderland' to gain her sanity back. It's totally gothed out. The latest Alice movie was loosely based around the style of the game and was rumored to originally supposed to be based off the game. The first one is out really cheap right now but it was only for the Computer. The new one is for all the game platforms but the Wii. If you check out their website you can get a feel for what the game is like.

  7. Happy Midsummer to you too! =D
    Hope you're feeling less queasy & that your pixies have chilled a bit... They do make quite a bit of noise when they put their minds to it...

    I'm so jealous of everyone who is playing Alice!!! I don't have a TV, let alone an up to date gaming system, so I gotta wait until I get those... TT_TT

    I hope you're enjoying it! Whack some teapots for me!!! =D

    And I briefly thought about naming him Kitsune... b/c even though I'm pretty sure he's not part fox, he's totally part demon... XD

    Hope you have a wonderful day today! ^-^