Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel Log 6-27: We're Not Made of Jello! We Get Behind A Fellow!

 .......Black and Yellow!
    Ok, so I watched The Bee Movie this weekend, lol. But really this is appropriate because I'm here to show a little support for one of our witchy sisters out here in blognland. Sandi from Crafty Sandi Blog has opened her own Etsy shop and besides her really cool usual stock she is featuring a very cool little invention of hers. Spell Tarts!
   These little scented soy wax tarts are a great way for those of us who can't have candles burning at all times of day  for special reasons (like little pyromaniacs that think playing with the candle thingie will be fun but will in reality set the house on fire). The backs are flat so that you can carve runes, sigils, or spells into their backs and then just pop them into the cauldron or tart burner and viola! They even come charged with intent so it's great for that quick go to spell.
   So go check her out and lets support another witchy entrepreneur going out there and being upstanding and respectable and stuff! (especially when they come up with really cool ideas that I am totally jealous of, lol)
    Also Sandi donates a portion of all proceeds from her shop to Domestic violence and abuse causes so please go check her out, she is definitely a witch deserving of our support!


  1. Man, at first I thought those were candies!! But spell tarts! what a great idea. Thanks for the info. and, Trav, step away from the Bee Movie!

  2. Oooh- what a great idea! Super cute too!

  3. Those look like tasty little cookies to me! Can you tell that I'm hungry...ha! Such a clever idea, kudos to her! Thanks for sharing. :o)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing my tarts with everyone, and the sweet comments from every body! I really appreciate the support. Love & Light to all you wonderful ladies!

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