Monday, August 15, 2011

Travel Log 8-16: The Abyss

"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. "
Friedrich Nietzsche

      I think that we have all stared a bit too long into the abyss, and now it is looking back at us and organizing.
  If you are not familiar with the NAR (New Aposolitic Reformation- and I will not link to that filth on this page) go check out this awesome post by AmethJera at Broom With A View or check out just about anything on the Wild Hunt lately.
   It would appear ladies and gentlemen that we are at war and never even got to do anything to start it. And unfortunately this one isn't going to play out on online chat boards where we can all snark our way into scoring points. Apparently for once some of the crazies are taking the fight to our home ground so to speak. We, the spiritualist and witches, are going to be attacked on the spiritual level. They have even given us the dates that they will do this and what intent they are going to focus on! We are going to be faced with a full frontal assault of a cosmic nature targeted at ourselves, our government, and even at the gods and godesses that sustain our lands all at, according to some people that seem to be foaming at the mouth, the  behest of a god that has been able to inspire frenzied loyalty.
     There has been a lot of debate flying about as to how, or if, the pagan community should respond to this. Personally I can't imagine letting something like this go, and (this is only my opinion here) not responding in some way smacks of fear and hubris. I have found in my life that the universe helps those who help themselves. I have never gained anything from sitting back and hoping someone or something handles things for me. I will be doing what I can to help repel and counter these attacks that are going to be made on the spirit of my homeland as well as myself. I can see no other course of action that would be morally acceptable to me. There are a couple of sites helping to try and organize this. So far the best set up one is Hail Columbia. Go check them out and see what you can do to help. Even lighting a protective candle is something. If it helps imagine that you are a Who in Whoville and it's time for you to let out your Yap so that our message can get through-


  1. I have been keeping an eye on the issue. And because it is better saved than to get bombarded by negativity, I've brewed a Dark Moon Shield or two. Crazy or not, believe is powerful, and like you said it would be foolish not be watchful; at least.

  2. I think that organization and it's followers are all batshit crazy. I do not believe in this day and age that any of their declarations and "work" will come to fruition. I am the last thing from an optimist, but I have to say I put these psychos in the same category as a cult. I'm not worried about this nonsense at all.

  3. I have to go along with Dark Mother here. A few words to the God and the Goddess and the Universe to ask, as is my usual routine, for protection. The Universe always has the best possible solution for problems and pests.

  4. Magaly: I am with you on belief. It is a scary prospect for all of that frenzied belief to be laser focused on a goal that runs so inimical to the well being of so many.

    Dark Mother: I too believe they are a cult, but would you consider any (for lack of a better word) 'workings' that you may do to be futile no matter you intent. Having followed you blog for some time I would say they are anything but. Unfortunately this group is in fact doing exactly what we all do, on a larger more organized scale and with a focused intent against us. I am not saying take up arms. What I am saying is that we have a responsibility to ourselves and the land that we inhabit to protect against malevolent intent. These (also for want of a better word) 'people' are intent on killing off the spirits that inhabit the land all across our home and replace them with their own that serve their purpose and no other. They are seeking any and all means to assimilate or destroy us. And the really scary part is that they, and their cause, have become legitimate in the eyes of the country. We have the very real possibility of facing one of them as our president in the next two years. With the unbalanced and obviously right wing mimicry and majority on the supreme court bench our only protection is congress- and that is a pretty darn scary thought.

    Robin: The universe does indeed provide, but does it provide unsolicited? Is it a benevolent being with focused intent on our well being? And which we's intent is it focused on? To me (and this is only my personal view of the world) the universe, while not hostile, is malleable. It exists separate from human thought or concerns and can be channeled with our intent it does not serve us or our well being as a species or culture. Humanity is a spec in it's eye the majority of the time, and a small voice in the vast sea of life the rest of the time. In fact considering the damage that we as humanity do on a moment to moment basis to our world it sometimes seems to me that it would be in the world, and universe's, best interest to be rid of us completely at some point. To trust that such a large and largely busy entity would be self focused on the nuances of my particular society and thus intervene on my behalf seems like a really large risk, and not one I am personally willing to take. Of course this is my view of the forces that be in our world and is largely colored by my feelings of being a very small amoeba in a very large ocean.