Sunday, August 30, 2009

Travel Log 8-30: Knotts, Scotts, and Old Men in Skirts

Ah the Celts!
I have found many of their varied offspring and mimickers throughout my travels. The Celtic culture found its way into many traditions throughout history. Mainly considered to be the ancient traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales Celtic artwork and artifacts have been found in different countries around the North Sea and the British Channel.
There are interesting points of Celtic belief that have made their way into a lot of neopagan traditions, most notably of which would be the druidic orders and religions. The original druids were wiped out centuries ago, but as early as the 1800's there were druidic reconstructionists trying to recapture the essence of the ancient traditions.

And now that the history Lesson is over here's one of the points I found to be interesting. Celtic knotting was considered to be a magical practice, and still is in many traditions. But it has also been relegated to craft and artwork status and is practiced by countless crafters to help beautify their homes in quilts, hangings, and even clothing without the meanings or intentions of the knot patterns being known. I wonder how many grannies have excellent examples of steamy sex spells worked into their clothing or hanging on their wall? The mind fairly boggles.
Here's a link to a site with some good information on Knotwork in a lot of different traditions as well as some good knot spells:
Sacred Spiral

This is a spell from that site that I personally like:

Throwing Out Poverty
To rid your home of poverty, stand in the middle of your home, in the early morning, holding a black cord in your hands.
Face compass North and say as you tie a square knot:
"I knot you knot."
Face East and say as you tie a square knot:
"I bind you bound."
Face South and say as you tie a square knot:
"All house bound poverty,"
Face West and say as you tie a square knot:
"Tied and gone."
Take the knotted cord and get rid of it, as far away from your home as possible. Upon your return, begin a day's work of cleaning to help remove any residual negative energy.

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