Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travel Log 10-20: It Has Been A Weekend!

As I may have mentioned before yesterday was Her Royal Highness's 8th birthday. And boy has it been a birthday extravaganza this weekend!
     Saturday she went to go see Charlottes Web with her grandma and aunt(we took the boys to the pumpkin festival and insect fair). Sunday we all went to Goofy's kitchen (a really cool kids restaurant with all the Disney characters coming around to the tables and getting up and dancing in the middle of the restaurant- they even have pb&j pizza!). At least 5 disserts were had by all!
     And then yesterday we suprised HRH and the Weremonkey by letting them play hookie from school and taking them to Disneyland! Where HRH was treated to the princess makeover at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. From head to toe she got a princess outfit(she chose Cinderella from dress to shoes to purse and gloves), they did her hair(she chose the punk princess style with this really cool multi-color hair piece), her make up,  her nails, and did a photo package. It was all really well set up and she had a blast. Everyone at the park wished her a happy birthday all day and we even got pictures and autographs from Captain Hook, The Queen of Hearts, and The Evil Queen. It was awesome.
      Then we came home for an icecream cake party with all her presents. If this doesn't go down as one of the best birthday's ever I'm going to disown that kid...
     My OH warned me not to keep setting the bar so high,lol.
      And to keep up wiht the 31 days of Halloween Saturday was the pumpkin festival, Sunday was halloween crafts including making spiders out of blowpops, and yesterday I hit up the Haunted Mansion- which is decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas and even got to pick up a cd of the original story recording for the haunted Mansion from its opening in 1969. It's all creepy radio showish and I squeeed all the way home listening to it. Supriningly the male lead was played by Ron Howard, so it gives the silly kids who stumble into the mansion that extra "gee whiz"  quality.

I'll have pics and more of Off the Path tonight. The story for sure, the pics might have to wait because I'm old fashioned and use regular film so they''ll be up when I get it developed, which by the pile of film on my desk I haven't been doing regular enough. But here is the promised picture of the book I made for HRH. It's just the outside cover, but I did it all myself! I'll get better ones later this one is from my phone so it may look a little crappy, but in real life it looks awesome!

The swirls are in gold glitter.

But that was my weekend and I'll have more for you soon.
Until then here's a little tidbit I found that I intend to try beccause I think it's a nifty idea from   White Magic.ca :

Charm Of Protection For The Car

Purchase a plastic toy of a dragon, dinosaur or other fierce beast.

Make sure its mouth is open showing lots of wicked teeth.

You may want to charge it first, by holding it in your hand, visualizing it fiercely protecting

your vehicle from accidents, theft and vandalizing. Say an appropriate invocation to your

god or goddess if applicable (for instance, if you are using a cat or lion toy, you may want

to invoke Bast). If you hang this in your windshield, it will fiercely protect your vehicle.


  1. I love the book!!

    Also, best birthday ever!! In Disneyland?! So lucky...


  2. What a fantastic weekend!! Will you adopt me? I'm still a kid at heart! lol

    I'm sure that she will remember this Birthday forever! And that book is an extra special gift that she'll probably keep forever!

    Thanks for the car charm idea! It is a keeper, too!

    Blessings to you all!

  3. You guys all played hooky to go to DISNEYLAND? Wow. I wonder who will get the Best Parents In the Universe Award this year... ;) (The children select the recipients, you know.)

    Happy Birthday to HRH!

  4. We used to do it when I was a kid and I am a Disney geek, so it was a no brainer. Only problem now is that we gotta come up with something just as good for the weremonkey because he sat through his sister getting primped so patiently.

  5. Okay, that birthday sounds AMAZING! I'm not sharing this with my 4, almost 5, year old. LOL

    She'll be wanting to go to Disneyland for her birthday in November too....and that's 3,000 + miles away. ;)

    And truly, that book looks amazing even in the crappy phone picture.
    Well done!