Thursday, October 22, 2009

Travel Log 10-22: Off the path part 5

Yes I know, its a holiday miracle that I am posting this 2 nights in a row.
   But before we get to the story lets get some sundry bits out of the way.  For the blog party I have been busy getting the decorations and food done for our halloween party this weekend. Yesterday I set up our decorations in the front of the house and started to re-arrange the furniture. Today I worked on the food and made some vanilla cupcakes with pumpkin mouse frosting( I am not sure those are going to make it until saturday, lol).  And I made the pumpkin mousse from fresh pumpkin, which somehow was messier than when I made pie. It was a lot of fun though!
       Oh and I did a fairly out there thing for me today. I submitted one of my works to an agent to see about representation for publishing. Mainly this is a trial run for me to get over the knuckle whitening fear because in exchange for making it possible for me to participate in NaNoWriMo (watching the kids and doing extra chores to give me time to write) my OH has demanded that I actually get out there and get whatever book I complete during November published. So I am dangling my toe in the water so to speak.
And now on to the story!

Off The Path Part Five:
        "You guys can come out now,  there's no way I 'm falling for it."
       Tiffany pushed herself to her feet and started to walk towards the rustling sound. She heard a light giggle as she got near the edge of the trees. She peered into the gloom and saw a flash of red move quickly through the deeper gloom.
       "I am so not scared you guys. This is lame." She called as a wolf howled in the distance.

      "It's a bad idea, I'm telling you."
      Amanda was sitting on the edge of Tiffany's bed as she got dressed.
      "It's no big deal, I don't know what the big freak out is with everyone and those woods. They're just a bunch of trees and squirrels." She pulled  the gray sweatshirt over her head and pulled her mousy brown ponytail out of the collar.  She pulled on a pair of warm wool socks and started to stuff her feet in her boots.
     "It's not the woods. It's what's in them. No one goes in the woods after the mountain hides the sun. Bad things happen in there. Ever since that Shaman gave his curse those woods have been dangerous."
      "Oh please, it's just an old myth that people have blown out of proportion. So some guy laid down a curse when he was pissed about dying. Big whoop. Nothing to get spooked about."
       "But the curse came true!"
        "What are you talking about? A curse can't come true."
         Amanda sat up straighter and started to gesture expressively while she talked.
         "Everyone thought that when they buried that Indian, but then a few months later the judge's pretty young wife went walking in the woods after shadowfall wearing her favorite red cloak. No one noticed anything out of place at first, except that she would laugh all the time, but after a couple days they found her wandering out of the big old mansion the judge had built for her covered in blood and screaming about the wolf. When they went inside they found everyone hacked up with a cleaver. Everyone from the judge to the little scullery maid that was only eight years old."
        She had gotten more solemn as she had finsihed her tale. Tiffany shook her head.
       "Just because some rich chick loses it and kills some people doesn't mean there's a curse, it just means that some one was silly enough to let the crazy woman near the knives."
      " Eleven people. She killed eleven people without even one of them able to fight back. And she wasn't crazy until she went in those woods. And she wasn't the only one. The school teacher about 30 years ago didn't believe in the curse and went into the woods after dusk to gather some plants he said were really rare. When he came out he wouldn't stop giggling. The Doctor at the time gave him some medication and suggested he get some rest. Two days later they found him sitting in the middle of his classroom with  a rifle shooting out the window at the kids on the playground. If the Sheriff hadn't shot him on the spot who knows how many kids he would have killed. I'm telling you don't go in there today it's dangerous."
        "I get that you believe this crap Amanda, you were raised here. But no curse is going to keep me from showing  Millie Hawks and everyone else that they can't mess with me or Sarah. If this is what it takes then so be it." She relented a little bit because Amanda looked so concerned and it was nice to have a friend to be concerned about her. " I'll be careful I won't go off the path, I swear."

That's all for tonight, hopefully I'll get more up tomorrow night =).


  1. Oh, I'm sure she'll go off the path. And maybe she'll scare whatever is lurking out there with her attitude. LOL

  2. Elfwitch is're a tease! LOL

    It's just so good....