Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Log 5-11: Wowzie Wow Wowzer

I have let myself get so off track it is unbelievable.
Look how long it's been since I posted on here.....
I have let a job that is just supposed to bring in the money sap away my time, life, and energy.
The last time I actually wrote something creatively was last Halloween. Everything that I was working so hard to bring into my life and become was tossed to the wayside.
Not anymore.
And now that I am done being melodramatic I'll be making appearances on all of your blogs again soon.


  1. Jobs have a pesky way of doing that. As does moving... my spiritual, creative and personal goals were tossed aside for a few months too. That said, I'm glad to see you again and I'm sure you'll find your groove again soon. *hugs*

  2. Welcome back. Life gets in the way sometimes - but it's the way it goes.

  3. hi...i just used craft glue on the box. i never thought about using a glue gun. i probably wouldn't use one because of all the "strings" it would produce. come back on saturday and enter the giveaway for the box!

  4. Thanks for the re-welcomes!
    And I have a similar reaction to glue guns Rue..all coordination goes out the window and I become Klutzwoman, a strange visitor from the planet Makesamess.