Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Travel Log 5-12: A Small Being Has Lodged Itself Onto My Lap...

Sir Squish-a-Lot has decided that if he holds onto some portion of me at all times there is no way I can sneak off to work today. While in theory he is correct, in practice this also means I can't sneak off to places like the bathroom either. Good thing I have the day off. And a really strong bladder.
I did come to an interesting conclusion today though.
While staring at all the many and varied choices in the body wash/ skin care aisle at our local Tarjay I realized that none of it was exactly what I wanted. Not a single one caught my attention or enticed me in any way. However, a little light in my head had gone off about making my own. It is really uber easy, and fairly inexpensive. And best of all I can have exactly what I want!! No froo froo flowery smells. No random weird chemical ingriedients that change colors. This is my new goal.... And with so many of you out there who have great recipes I shall be overmarketed plastic bottle free in no time!
 Here's a recipe  from I plan on trying out as soon as I can! :

Strawberry-Lemon Shower Gel
1/2 tablespoon of unscented natural liquid soap
3 large frozen strawberries
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of aloe Vera gel
6 to 8 drops of lemon essential oil
5 drops of strawberry fragrance oil

Thaw fruit and puree in blender or food processor. Pour into a bowl and add salt. Stir, and then add aloe Vera gel, liquid soap, and essential oil. Mix well. Use immediately.


  1. That is gonna smell so yummy! Great idea! Where do you buy natural liquid soap, grocerie store, health food store, pharmacie?
    Causer i think it is a cool idea and i 'd like to give it a shot.
    Have a great bubble bath :-)

  2. I have yet to find is why I think I'm just going to order some online..there are a lot of online purveyors that seem to have some quality products. I'll let you know if I use one I really like =)