Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travel Log 6-3: The Strangest Things Happen When We Actually Go Out

Yesterday was the OH's birthday. He got a new charcoal grill and all the acutraments to go with it so he was happy. And then, because it made no sense at all, we went to someone else's house for a barbecue, lol.
It was fun, and the cake I made with cookies and cream icing was much appreciated. We had my parents watch the midgets while we were away, and the minute we got home a kitten decided to follow my sister into the house. It is absolutely adorable. And it is sick, so to the vet we go today. Hopefully it will not be too expensive.
 She is so tiny I'm a little worried she hasn't been weaned yet. But the really funny thing is that for the past week we've been talking about going down to the shelter and picking up a kitten. After my Tabbytha passed 2 years ago I've been really resistant to getting another cat. Hubby's cat has ruled the roost around here, but just recently I've felt a yearning for a little ball of fluff for myself. Looks like fate decided to take a hand, lol.
Does anyone out there know of a way to help cats get along? Kitsune, the aformentioned hubby's cat, is so far not taking the new addition well. We have been keeping them apart because of the cold we think WitchHazel has(yes I named her, so of course now we're keeping her, lol) but every chance she gets Kitsune goes into a growling hissing fit. I think it's because she hasn't gotten a good look at the tiny little thing yet
 and doesn't realize she's not big enough to be a threat. What can I say, hope springs eternal.

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