Friday, August 6, 2010

Travel Log 8-6: Promises Promises...

I know I said the giveaway would be posted last night, but well technical difficulties have insued.
The tech gremlins have made it so that I can't get the photo's off my husbands phone (yup we are the last people on the planet not to have a digital camera, lol) and into my email so that I can get them onto the bucket of photo's and put them on here. They look pretty good considering, and I really like the way the prizes turned out. So please bear with me and he should be getting the problem sorted out this afternoon =). So tonight when I get home from work I'll get it all posted and started and maybe then I can stop grinning like a maniac!


  1. Good luck with those Tech-Gremlins! They seem to be super busy as of late... o_O

    Can't wait to see your pics! ^-^

  2. Can't wait to see your giveaway! I need to have a giveaway soon...I think I've only had one if that! :))