Monday, September 20, 2010

Travel Log 9-20: A Very Squishie Day

Not only was today my tiny little squishie man's 2cd birthday, but today was also the day he decided to take his biggest stride into potty training yet- he peed in the big potty!
     Little man has been doing it for quite some time, but so far Squishie has been content to sit on the "little" potty and  try to go. But not today! Today he decided to earn his big boy training pants!
     It was kinda funny actually. He is not tall enough to go in the large potty so he started off doing some pretty impressive flat lifts of his body with his little hands on the rim of the bowl( which was horrifying from a mommy standpoint!) and lifting his entire body in an effort to get the weapon to its assigned target. This did not work very well, and once mommy had caught her breath from laughing the little potty was disassembled and turned into a step stool. He then proceeded to step proudly up and, now that he was tall enough, to begin to scream at me because he couldn't get it going right away. Then when he did and it was right on target we did  a lot of screaming and dancing in the bathroom!
     Which totally rocked because one of his presents was his first set of big boy pull ups (which of course got upstaged by the bizillion hot wheels his dad picked out for him, lol).
     The little guy went off to sleep like an angel, and tonight mommy and daddy shall go to sleep with visions of a diaper free future dancing in our heads!

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