Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Travel Log 9-22: Merry Mabon!!!!

I hope everyone is having a falltastic day!
   This is my absolute favorite time of year and as soon as I find a country that has fall all year round, that's where I'm moving, lol. But that aside we didn't do much today, as it was a school day, but we had a great dinner filled with foods we picked or made from scratch when we would normally have bought it. We put some of our home made apple butter on rolls we made, and made salsbury steak from scratch (a recipe I stole from Jazz at Octoberfarm =) and then finished it with home made pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie.
    This year we are giving a lot of thanks for the upswings our fortunes have taken, as well as all of the challenges we have faced and will face. Without challenges we can't grow, and if we can't grow what's the point?
     The past two days have been grey from most of the day, and there has definitely been a bite in the air. I almost thought the weather being so mild most of the year was an ominous sign of summer ravaging through autumn and winter, but instead it seems that at least this year we here in the desert of southern California are going to get all 4 seasons this year! That is something to definitely give thanks for!

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