Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Log 12-2-2: Thursday's Cool Site of The Week!

 I've decided that I need to start structuring what I put on here so that I don't go weeks without posting anything at all or just wandering around and reading all of your blogs and not doing anything of my own, so here's my new weekly installment:  Thursday's Cool Site of The Week!
    I spend so much time surfing the web I think I have a massive Cyber Sunburn by now so I figured sharing some of the cool stuff I find with you guys would be fun! (that and I think my husband is getting a little tired of the "honey come look at this cool stuff that you don't know what it is and it's going to take me an hour to explain it to you" right when he gets home)
     Anyone else who wants to try this go right ahead I would love to see what you guys find out there in Cyber Space.

So here's what I found this week!
   I'm looking at starting a new hobby. Ok, this isn't so much a new hobby as a really in depth combination of a bunch of them. As some of you know I've been flirting around the edges of gardening (a moment of silence for Tom the tomato plant, you were valiant to the end my friend) and have recently taken up making my own herbal teas. Well now I'm going to take that a step farther and actively begin learning about herbalism (and not just as a player skill in World of Warcraft, lol). It is something that I have long sat back and wished I knew more about. I would love to have that kind of skill at my fingertips and it's about time I got off of my overly rounded patootie (yeah even geeks use that word sometimes) and did something about it. Oh and by the way I want to give a huge shout out to my friends over at Diving Women and their new virtual bonfire forum. They have given me a lot of resources and advise for getting my own herb garden going inside this winter and how to plan for the spring!
    So far I have not found any live classes in my area, which has stymied me a bit (and if anyone out there knows of any in the California Inland Empire area I beg you to give me a shout out with the 4-1-1) but I have found a solution that I feel is workable. They have different stuff for different skill levels and a forum community that you can ask questions and is populated by a bunch of really skilled people.
    I have actually found an awesome online site called that provides videos along with the intructions and work in a multimedia type setting. There are a lot of really cool aspects of the site and I think that for a remote learning experience it will be the best available. That and at 10 bucks a month it won't break our budget. That and they offer a 10% discount on bulk herbs from their affiliate shop to members so it has extra perks, which rocks because I have a hard time finding bulk herbs in my area and they sell them by the pound and have a HUGE selection.
    So for a ton of reason's is my Cool Site of The Week!


  1. Hey Trav, I will pray for Tom the tomato plant, poor fellow. I am excited about your herbal desires!! I too am very much into the whole herb thing, mostly culinary up till recently. Now I want to really get into magickal gardening. I am definitely going to check out your cool web site! A good thing for me to research during the desperately cold winter months here in central new york. And, btw, I do the same thing to my husband! come check this out honey!

  2. Ooh...thank you for this website. I also have been dabbling in gardening, especially herbs. Have you checked out Ellen Dugan's "Garden Witch's Herbal" yet? It's full of info. P.S. I do the same to my DH. I call it payback for all the talking he does about Call of Duty.

  3. This is something I've been looking into for the past couple of years. I'm really good at killing my plants but I haven't killed my desire to work with herbs. I subscribe to 2 herbal magazines you might be interested in, "Herbs for Health" and "Herb Companion."

    For a certificate program I've been wanting to do a distance learning program through Clayton College of Natural Health.

    There is also a group called Green Wisdom Herbal Studies that has classes on making and using herbs. The class tomorrow (12/12) is How to create herbal elixirs at The Green Man store in North Hollywood. They also do classes at The Infinite in Long Beach and at Practica Magicka in Bellflower. (these places are in Southern California).

    Can't wait to see what you've learned/made/started!

  4. Thanks Ripples! I'm going to check them out and see if I can arrange to hit up some classes.

  5. Your very welcome Traveler. I hope you enjoy them!