Monday, December 6, 2010

Travel Log 12-6: I'll Get Enough Sleep When I'm Dead...

....Or so it seems. Been burning the midnight oil this weekend to get all the stuff ready to ship out Yule baskets to all and sundry this holiday.
    I got our holiday cards ready and set to send out once my husband gets me a list of addresses for his family (besides friends I don't have that many people to send them out to since my family is way scattered). I thought about doing a card exchange with a lot of you who are doing it this year but it's my first year making our cards and I want to try it out on some guinea pigs and next year I'll send them out to any of you who want them :).
Here's the artwork I did for the front of it.
I had fun doing it even though it took forever, lol. I really like the way her hair and face turned out.
      The hubby's company Christmas party went pretty well. Didn't win any of the awesome prizes they were giving away but did get to put faces to the names he tells me all the time (which did not match my mental images at all in some cases)
      On friday I went thrift store rumaging with my Mom, Sister, and the two gnomes (littles and squishie, lol). We found some great stuff including a second couch for $35. 35 bucks!! I was a little excited about this. It is practically brand new!!! Ahem. Ok I'm done now, lol.
    I also got these nifty little bits that will be transformed this coming week as I have time
And here are some pics from the last weeks that I finally uploaded, lol
The kids helping for Thanksgiving dinner
That's Her Royal Highness and The Monkey Man in their jammies at 1 o'clock (hey it was a holiday!).
   And here is the Squishie helping out too

And here is an awesome box full o' Squish I got earlier this week
So there you have it's been hectic and I'll get back to the 30 days of truth probably later this week. I have creative stuff to do (right after I play Transformers vs. Thomas the Tank Engine).


  1. Hi Trav, congrats on finding a sofa for 35 bucks!! You are a true Thrifter!!! Great pix of the kids! Enjoy the hecticity (is that a word?)...the holidays are all about fun with the kids, and it flies by! My little ones are now aged 22 and 24! (sigh) Blessings to you!!

  2. Ooh, I'm excited to see what the candle-holders will be turned into!