Sunday, January 30, 2011

Travel Log 1-30: Let's Jam

So this weekend has been productive! I have made my first ever batch of home made jam. On the way to the grocery store I saw that the strawberry stands were open and full of big red berries. We stopped in (no matter what he says I did not grab the wheel from my hubby and swerve us towards the berries, he's just a drama queen) and I got a flat of gorgeous HUGE strawberries. I mean these things were monsters. Not a one under 2 inches I swear, and nice and ripe- which does not bode well for summer here if they are this ripe in JANUARY.
     But because of that little side trip I now have 4 jars of strawberry-lemon ( from more lemons from our tree- that little guy really produces!) jam all ready to be tasty and delicious on my toast! Also we found that the grocery store we go to, besides having spices in bulk and ALL kinds of other cool stuff in bulk (like four, coco, sugars- including cane..ahem..can you tell I love this place?) also has fresh honey from hive boxes- IN THE STORE. Yeah I was as stoked about that as the kids, lol. They also have a machine that makes peanut butter right there for you. All in all it was a great Saturday at the grocery store.
     I also currently have my first loaf of actual, kneaded, bread rising so that I can make it into an imbolc loaf. And I may actually be doing a second one as another batch instead of, you know, doing it all at once like a smart person because my daughter may have a friend coming over later and I think the girls would get a kick out of making their own bread, and then they can put some of my jam on it, nudge nudge wink wink.
     Oh, and the house work is already done (except whatever clean up from kid cooking experiments later) and I can have fun today!
     What's your Sunday look like?

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  1. Homemade jam on homemade bread...sounds like Summerland to me!!! Robin.