Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travel Log 1-20: Cool Site of the Week Thursday

And we're back. Like so many of you out there I tend to go into an after the holidays hibernation of sorts, but back on track now!
    So since it's thursday and I am in the blogging mood, here is a little tidbit I trolled up zooming around the internet in my jet propelled tron cycle (what I'm the only one who visualizes surfing the web that way?).

So. Thursday's Cool Site of the Week goes too dum dum dum dum.....

     Head Rush!  Head Rush is in fact a tv show on the Science Channel hosted by Kari Byron from Mythbusters, and involves some mash ups from that show, but really goes in depth with the science behind it.
     But what we're really here to talk about is the site, and is it a doozy. It almost screams set up for uber geeks like me and kids. There are fun experiments to do at home, as well as articles on scientific topics that are witty and funny while getting the point across so that it engages adults and kids. It's a great place to get your geek on and teach some principles to bored kids too.
     If you have kids, are a geek or know a geek check it out it is a whole lot of fun!

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  1. Cool...thanks for sharing that! Have a great weekend and enjoy the Full Moon! :o)