Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travel Log 4-12: Children's Tv Tuesday

 Here's the next installment of my series examining children's programing from the perspective an adult held hostage and forced to watch it.
 This week we'll be tackling a relative newcomer onto the small human entertainment stage...
    Dino Dan from NickJr.
   This is a very informative show about , dun dun dun...dinosaurs! This not at all strange little boy sees dinosaurs all over the place in his town, his school, and even in his house. What an imagination! He goes on dino adventures, performs dino experiments, and has a whole range of dino tracking and observing gear (all helpfully identified with dino in front of their name). He has a dino cam that he videotapes these encounters and his friends and family join in constantly but Dan is the only one to ever see the dino's and his evidence always somehow disappears before others see it.
    Now here's my big question on dear little Dino Dan. Is this kid insane and everyone just humors him, or is this just supposed to be a really really good imagination? I mean this show tends to blur the lines between what is in this kids imagination, and what someone just barely misses seeing. Considering some of these dino's are bigger than his house I would love to know how no one else sees or hears them. I would assume these things are just in his imagination , but they are constantly interacting with the environment around them and leaving things like BIG DENTS AND HOLES in things, so I just don't know.
    I'm kinda glad that my guys only mildly like Dan as this show kinda drives me nuts. I keep swinging wildly between thinking that someone should really get this kid help because his delusions/obsession has gotten waaaaay out of hand and thinking that everyone else in the town are idiots for not seeing the T-Rex that's as big as a school bus. Children's programming should not be this stressful...

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  1. LOL, I giggled through your whole analysis. We don't have cable so I haven't heard of this show, but that is too funny! Are these dinosaurs dangerous? As in... "Mom, really! Grandma didn't go to the store! A T-REX ATE HER!!!"