Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel log 4-14: Witches in Fiction #2 (or my Grannyisms)

Magaly over at Pagan Culture is being kind enough to host this little get together, so here is my contribution to Witches in Fiction.
   My Favorite Non Alive Person (or A Tribute to Granny Weatherwax).
Granny Weatherwax ( captured here by Paul Kidby the official Discworld portraitist check out his site at

Here is my Bit of Granny wisdom for today:
   from Lords and Ladies:
"Blessings be upon this house," said Granny Weatherwax. In much the same tone of voice have people said, 'Eat hot lead, Kincaid.'

      This little tidbit is pretty self explanatory (kinda). It reminds me as a witch that my intent is 1000% more important than my actual words. It doesn't matter if my words are perfect, or if I wrote an inspired couplet. What I mean in my own mind is the most important part. Just as a blessing can be a curse, so the reverse is true if my intent is not clear in my own mind.


  1. Indeed! my friend. Don't you just love Granny and her ways? I enjoy how Sir Terry uses so many Witchcraft principles in his writing without actually spelling it out; I love his writing Genius!

  2. Well, said! Long live Granny Weatherwax!

  3. These quotes are really fantastic! I'm going to have to try and find these books somewhere. :)

  4. Magaly: The level of my devotion to Sir Terry is legendary, lol. He displaced Shakespeare as my favorite author.
    LJ: Granny is a great study in how to be a human being. She isn't perfect, but she is made out of solid steel.
    Kijjet: There are a whole bunch of them, and they are really great insightful fantasy satire. you will laugh so hard that you will snort soda out your nose (at least I did...)