Monday, April 4, 2011

Travel Log 4-4: Finally The Holes Are Patched!!

   As you  can tell I am excited, because after 4 MONTHS of living through repair hell, the holes in the wall are patched up and we were able to move the boys furniture back into their room!
    Even did a little furniture rearranging and fit the Monkeyman's new desk in so he can do his homework in his room in relative peace instead of at the kitchen table with the little guys running around him like hyperactive jumping beans.
    The walls aren't painted, and if the way that the owner has been on top of getting things done in the past, I don't think they ever will be, but it's good for now. Honestly I think she's going to have some wicked bad karma coming her way because she got paid a couple grand from the homeowner's insurance to get the walls patched back up and she ended up having her nephew do it( and I know she did not pay him 2 grand). She also had the gall to have her daughter tell me that we need to keep the house cleaner because there was too much furniture cluttering the place up. To which I promptly pointed out that all the extra furniture was for the room that we have not had the use of for 4 months due to her negligence. I was quite peeved.
   However we had some great news last week as well. My hubby and I have not always made the best financial choices and figured that we were pretty far from ever being able to buy our own home. So we went to a credit counselor last Wednesday and she had some awesome information for us! Turns out we are not as far off as we thought. She told us as long as we can get all the money sucking crises in our life to hold off long enough for us to get some money saved we should be in a great place to buy a house in about a year or 2. Needless to say this was great news. Especially with all of the hubby's student loans. But it turns out that a bunch of stuff is set to drop off my credit report this year and next year, so with a little work to add some more positive on we'll be in a good spot!
    So yay us!
    But on the down side I've had the plague for about 5 days now. I feel like warmed over crud. Time to see if any grandparents would like to take 2 small torture devices lovely little boys out for a while.

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  1. Yay on the holes finally being patched up and congrats on the credit news! Sorry you're feeling bad, get well soon.