Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Travel Log 5-31: What a Weekend!

  Well the long weekend is over and was it ever packed, lol.
    We went on the Ghost tour on Saturday and let me say, it rocked! The Whaley house was awesome!! Not only did I have some one rubbing my arm in the theater (and no one was sitting on either side of me) but I got almost a dibilitating fear of falling in a room where a young woman tried to jump to her death but failed (she later shot herself in the outhouse). This is considered the most haunted place in the United States and to top it off Vincent Price slept there!!! (I know- I'm a dweeb and dead person fan girl, lol). Also I finally got to visit the Hotel Del Coronado (where Some Like it Hot was filmed- yet again old film and dead person dweeb cause Marylin is said to haunt a villa there) and even sneaked up to room 3327 were a mysterious con lady who was shot there is said to haunt. I want to stay there just because it is beautiful.
    We got down to old town San Diego about 3 hours early and boy was I glad we did. I've been to San Diego before, but only to Sea World and the Gaslamp district (essentially the old red light district also called the Stingeree) and those are nice, but wow to old town. It's a little tourist trappy but it is also a whole lot of preserved buildings from back in the adobe and clapboard period. The whole town square of the old city is practically there, and a lot of it in absolutely awesome condition. While most are museums some are also artisan's shops and they have some really awesome stuff. Next time I have cash to spend I'm heading down that way.
      So yeah, we had a ton of fun there, lol. I haven't gone through my photo's yet but if there are any good ones I'll post them. Oh and if anyone is in the So Cal area and want to have some awesome ghosty fun there is a group of ghost investigators that investigate the Whaley house every month and they take visitors. We are so going to try and go on one of their investigations!
     Friday we had a Hairspray Marathon when my hubby got home. I was craving some of my oldies musicals but couldn't bring myself to watch Grease so soon after Kinicky passed (you have no idea the level of obsession I have had with that movie ever since I was a kid- I even liked the sequel). Maybe I'll do a tribute next weekend.
      We also picked up the Xbox version of L.A. Nior this weekend so that has kept me away from the computer as well, lol. If you at all like video games and crime shows I suggest you pick this one up- it rocks.
     I should have a couple more entries into my Thrifty witch series this week as well, so w00t for being productive! Oh and I finished my first crochet project finally (only after about 4 months and 3 yarn changes and 7 restarts, lol) so I'll get pics and post that too.
      I hope everyone had as much fun this past weekend as I did!

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