Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Travel Log 6-1: Pagan Values

Ok, honestly I had absolutely no idea about pagan values blogging month until Mrs. B posted about it and I read this post by Bishop in The Grove (check it out it is a great read, and if you've never checked out his blog before I highly recommend it). However with all the hooplah and brewhaha going on right now between whether to call ourselves pagans and random christians popping up to be jerks over a blog contest I feel motivated to join in now that I know about it.
    So, in the style of Bishop in The Grove,  I'll be randomly (because as we all know most of my posting is totally random, lol) posting what values I find to be most important to me personally as a pagan.
    I'll start with one that is, for me, a cornerstone- acceptance.
        As a pagan, acceptance is the foundation that I build my faith on. I accept that there are things I will never understand. I accept the responsibility of living every day the best that I can as the price for my life. I accept others as they are and know that I can only touch their lives to the extent that they allow me. I accept that I am but a small pebble on the ocean of existence, but I am not alone- the sun shall warm me and the ocean soothe me, the earth shall support me and the air cool me. I accept that I am a small thread among many, but the fabric into which I am woven  is vast and beautiful and as ephemeral as a wish.
       Acceptance has not come easily to me. I am proud and selfish had find it difficult to accept that my will cannot always prevail, that change is not just up to me. Because it does not come easily acceptance is something that I value.


  1. I didn't know it was pagan values blogging month either. I'm so glad (and totally agree) that acceptance was your first value to blog about. That's one thing that has always stood out to me in the pagan community. =D

  2. Someone once asked me how I could be so close to my best friend who happens to be a Christian. I told her "I'm a Witch." She continued to look at me like I was insane, but that was okay, as long as I understand that being a Witch means accepting myself and the rest of humanity the way they are, I'm super fine in my book--and when someone says something as ignorant as that lady over at Circle of Moms, I just tell her that she has the right to be ignorant, and I have the right to point out how it makes her look.