Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travel Log 6-11: They're Action Figures....Yeah That's What They Are...

  Happy weekend all!
   This weekend we're going to be doing a couple brand new things.
   First thing we're going to do is go to the grand opening of a new comic inspired store that one of our friends is hooked up with. It's called Super Bad Action Figures. If you are anywhere near Redlands Ca, and want to meet Wolverine (the character not Hugh Jackman, darn it!) in person or have a hankering to hang with the local chapeter of the 501st Imperial Battalion then come on down! We'll also be there with midgets in tow since our 4 year old thinks storm trooper is a viable career goal (almost brings a tear to my eye *sniff*).
   And then later the hubster and I are going to be going out sans midgets. This is significant because up until now if we went out without the littleun's then one of my family members were watching them and that was only if we really had to. This time we'll be doing a trial run with a lovely young lady that came recommended by a friend. She is awesome and I've talked to her a ton over the past couple weeks. How lucky is it that I stumbled onto one of the few pagan baby sitters in southern California? I was super stoked to find out that she actually attends a Temple that a bunch of people I know (not the referring friend, lol) go to? So I don't have to hide the pentagrams when she comes over to babysit!
    Now we just have to see if me and hubby can actually be ok with someone else being with the kids. So wish us luck as we are off to go geek out!
   Oh and I almost forgot to let you know that I have another craft up on my other blog Witchy Thrifting if you want to check it out!


  1. This sounds like a blast; My Piano Man would be all over this and me right behind if the place was around here. Guess we'll have to enjoy it through you.

    P.S. I didn't know you had another blog. I just went there and began to follow. I love your witchy finds and how you've beautified them!

  2. Magaly: I just started the other blog, lol. Rather than turning this into a craft blog I figured I'd creat a space just for that.

  3. I remember the days of leaving our little ones with sitters. The point of going out without the kids is to talk to each other about all kinds of things....but the conversation always ended up being about the durn kids!!! Your weekend sounds super, enjoy! And I'm headed over to your new blog now, can't wait to see! Robin.

  4. Enjoy your night out! A good sitter is worth her weight in gold.

  5. Hide the pentagrams? I must be the only one that thinks hiring a sheltered sitter from the local youth group and letting her walk into a clearly pagan home would be hilarious. But then, I have a bit of a mean sense of humor :-P