Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Travel Log 6-9: Oh The Crafty Fun!

The craftyness has been abounding here and I'm slowly but surely transforming all the absolutely gorgeous glassware that I picked up this past weekend. I've also been working on my new project which is tied to the extra craftiness going on.
    Since I've been kicking around  the idea of putting together a book proposal with my Thrifty Witch stuff (another article of which is going to be appearing in next month's Witches Hour E-zine) and I've been saying that I'll be using you guys as a sounding board of sorts for my ideas for that I've come to a conclusion. I have a hard time basically take over this blog with my ideas for this project.
    So I've decided to start another blog for my Thrifty Witch stuff. I know, I'm now one of the mulitpagers, lol. I've just had so many ideas for this that it would literally take over this page with it and I value this too much as a journal for that. So this is my official launch of my new page!
    Once I started looking at doing a new page I actually did a google search for Thrifty Witch and the name is not quite as original as I thought (I know I know, there's nothing new under the sun) so I went for one that I like better and is a bit more original.
    So here is the link to the new page...drumroll please.....Witchy Thrifting!
    Right now it is mainly my thoughts on the processes of thrifting from a witchy persepctive with some reposts of crafts I put on here, but by this weekend I'll have a couple new ones up. Come check it out and I would appreciate any critique you guys may have =)!

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