Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel Log 6-16: I Ain't Been Eateded..

  This is just a quick post to let you know that I was not sacrificed to the wild animals yesterday, thank goodness (although it was a near thing with the giant anteater).  I did however almost get taken out by a bird in the rain forest aviary where the birds (and apparently turtles) get to fly around. We saw A LOT of monkeys. I mean A LOT.
    I really liked this zoo because it is laid out like a park. There is play equipment and lots of wide open grass space for small kids to run and play. The enclosures were all really well suited to the animals that were in them and none were cramped or on concrete. There were even baby tamarins! They were tiney tiny and adorable. We took a miniature train ride around the zoo and got kissed by butterflies. It was a lot of fun. They even have little keys that you can put into boxes located around the zoo that will then play songs about the animals and the zoo for the kids. We had a ton of fun.
      I took a lot of pictures but I still need to sort through them all so no pictures up here yet.
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  1. I'm with you Trav, when it comes to most zoos..don't like 'em, can't stand how the animals look sad/depressed/miserable. This park sounds better, though. Now wait a sec though, did you say TURTLES flying around in the aviary??That's new, isn't it?

  2. lol. There were several different species of turtles in the aviary as well and we saw a couple birds trying to pick one up. It was pretty hilarious and my 4 year old kept looking for flying turtles.

  3. Anteaters can be vicious, I tells ya, vicious!