Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Travel Log 3-6: Furry Peanuts

  Don't anyone keel over with shock but I am here to make a post. Everyone ok? No medical assistance needed? Good.

    This weekend I was treated to a moment that I will treasure forever and which showed me an aspect of one of my children that I was very proud to see. As a family we headed out to see the Lorax.
     I was especially excited about this. I absolutely loved The Lorax when I was growing up. When my husband said he had never seen it I gasped so loud that I almost passed out from lack of oxygen then proceeded to make him watch it. And sang the barbaloot song for about three hours and may possibly have scarred him for life. But I digress.
    We mosied off to the theater this weekend in a great mood. The kids were happy and looking forward to the jokes they had seen in the trailers they had seen, not to mention the candy and popcorn in their future (I may have been singing the babaloot song on the way but can neither confirm nor deny in case my hubby wants to use it against me later). It all went well and we were settled in our seats with our 3d glasses on (the kids had cute orange ones- yes I'm a geek. Don't judge me) and the movie had some good laughs going. Especially the humming fish. They were hilarious.
    Then the big production number with the Once-ler came. At first my littlest guy was dancing in front of his seat with the rock beat, but as the song went on and the tone of the scenes on screen changed to a stark contrast with the happy beat of the song he started cuddling me and saying "no, don't do that."
    Then came the moment when the last truffula tree gets chopped down. The production company did an awesome job with this scene. It is the only bit of color in the landscape and once it falls silence reigns as the Lorax looks at the Once-ler in sorrow. In our theater this silence was only broken by my little guy sobbing uncontrollably. My little three year old was sobbing as if his heart was breaking and asking me why he took the last one. As the Lorax pulled himself up by the seat of the pants and took himself off the squishie man took my face in his little hands and looked at me with tears streaking down his little face and told me "I'm going to listen. The Lorax won't leave me."
      I have a very special little guy an I hope he never changes. I am so proud of his empathy.


  1. Oh, he does sound like a wonderful little guy!

  2. Those are the little moments we carry we us forever, aren't they? Just like the other day, the Little Princess and I went to see my Piano Man conduct "Guys and Dolls" and she was asleep half the show. She looked so pretty (and snored so loud lol) yep, the little moments...