Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Travel Log 9-09-2: Button Button Who's Got The Button

Ok. This is an attempt to make a button for this page. I hope this works and isn't a ridiculous waste of RE_EDIT- It works!!!! really works ...if you want to make one of you own go to jennieshell's design..the tutorials rock!


  1. I put your button on my widget, but all I'm seeing is a box with an "x" in it when it rolls around. Not sure what's going on there - maybe some issue with my Mac, lol! I'm never sure about these things, lol! Can you see the picture?

  2. hhmmm...I'm not great at working this stuff. It was pretty much a random act of kindness from the gods that I figured out how to get it to work at all- but I shall try to figure out what is wrong. Once I get this fixed I shall try my hand at one of the scrolling ones that you have. Because as the little engine said- "I think I can, I think I can-".

  3. ok- I think I have it fixed. I tried it a couple times on my blog and it worked. Let me know if it doesn't work again. =)