Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel Log 10-25: We Partied Like It Was 1699....

Well last night was the Halloween party and all the frantic scrambling that I went through to get it going was worth it.
     the last minute runs to the store, the day full of baking and icing, and baking some more.
     Everyone had a great time and we did a lot of the old games and a bunch of crafts. Then everyone subsided into a sugar coma, lol.
      Now I get to have left over cupcakes and brownies for the next few days as I way overestimated how many I would need. That and I got a bunch of the Little Debbie pumpkin sandwich cookies as back ups in case the cupcakes didn't turn out, so I'm going to be running on a sugar high this week.
      And thanks to Wendy over at Athena Academy I am now forced to go back in the kitchen and make chocolate chip pumpkin bread. The craving has begun!
      I hope to have another installment of Off The path tonight and pictures of the cool corn husk brooms we made!
     Here's a charm for inner strength I found at Spells of  that if I do this next year I plan to have on my person at all times!:

Charm for Inner Strength

You enchant the thing so it gives you inner strength.
Empower an acorn with the following chant & carry it on your person during difficult times.
     ''Little seed with cap so fine, Grant your strength & make it mine. Make me as sturdy as your tree. As I will, so mote it be!'


  1. Your Halloween party sounds like loads of fun! And chocoate chip pumpkin bread...such tantalising torture/ Yummo!

  2. MUAHAHAHA! My nefarious plans to spread chocolate chip pumpkin bread cravings all over the world is working!!!

    Glad the party was so much fun. Mmm, I love a good sugar high.

  3. MMMMmm. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread ?!!! Sounds wonderful. I am trying a new pumpkin cake recipe this weekend that sounds really simple. I'll post how it goes. I love the acorn charm spell. I love the nature based charms!

  4. I am a big lover of chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I make several loaves every year under the guise of sharing them. Then we eat them all up before a single recipient gets any...ha! Good stuff!

  5. You might want to buy some elastic waist pants. LOL I always have to this time of year. :D


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